God Complex by Oeming, Broglia, and Berman

God Complex Graphic Novel by Oeming Broglia and Berman

God Complex is a graphic novel, masterfully created by the talented trio of Michael Avon Oeming, John Broglia, and Daniel Berman.

The story is set in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, a place where the Gods of Olympus have returned to the mortal world to rule over industry and finance. They are like the titans of old and at the forefront of this power structure stands Zeus, the almighty CEO of Kronos Corporation.

Zeus has reigned supreme for eons, but when Apollo, the beloved God of light, decides to shed his divine status and become mortal, it shakes the very foundations of Zeus’ power.

God Complex panel with Zeus and Hera

Apollo has decided to leave the other Gods and go it alone. He even goes by the new name, Paul. He’s the shining beacon of light who defies expectations to tread a different path, leaving behind his godly status to blend in as a mere mortal.

In the grand scheme of things, Zeus may have the lion’s share of power, but he’s not impervious to the winds of change. Apollo’s unexpected abandonment of divinity has sent ripples through the cosmos, jolting Zeus out of his complacency.

A clash of epic proportions is looming, with the future of mortals and immortals alike at stake. The Greek Gods are now restless, and not even the mightiest of them can predict the outcome.

This God Complex review will give you a tantalizing glimpse into this gripping graphic novel. Brimming with explosive battles and intellectually engaging scenarios, God Complex takes readers on a thought-provoking journey, as if you are Apollo yourself.

God Complex Storyline Review

Apollo has somehow obtained work at a restaurant called Mythos. He likes it because it gives him an authentic taste of mortal life, which he highly values. However, he’s not only there to clean dishes since he also has his sights set on a much greater prize — the heart of the stunning Sophia.

God Complex Apollo and Sophia inside Mythos Restaurant

When the Mafia demands protection money from the restaurant, Apollo takes matters into his own hands and he throws the thugs out. After that, people become aware that this humble restaurant worker is much more than an ordinary guy.

Morpheus in God Complex

In the meantime, Mercury and Hercules are sent to find Apollo with orders to bring him back into the fold.

Morpheus speaks to Apollo in his dream

A witch also sends a strong message to Apollo by taking Sophia hostage.

Apollo will have to battle against some strange creatures including a giant birdlike creature and the reincarnation of Medusa in this epic modern-day Greek myth tale.

Chinese Gods in God Complex

Apollo will even learn that more Gods exist in the world from different Pantheons. To Apollo’s astonishment, there’s even a Pantheon of Chinese Gods.

Chinese God

Medusa in God Complex

Apollo is desperate to save Sophia. But after discovering where she is being kept prisoner, he must first battle it against Hercules to save her. However, Hercules soon has a change of heart.

Medusa in God Complex

Needless to say, Apollo defeats Medusa.

Despite having divine origins, Paul yearns for a simple living with Sophia, free from the trappings of his godly duties. He desires nothing more than a life filled with love and companionship, but fate has other plans.

The Quest for Ambrosia

When a robbery goes wrong it leaves Sophia gravely injured and unexpectedly dead. Paul (Apollo) is driven to desperate measures to save her, which he learns that he still has time to do.

Apollo discovers that the mythical elixir of Ambrosia may hold the key to restoring her health. It could save her life, but he must act fast. Determined to retrieve this life-giving drink, Paul (Apollo) embarks on an epic quest, facing seemingly insurmountable challenges and overcoming unimaginable obstacles.

With every step, his love for Sophia grows stronger, and his determination to save her strengthens his resolve. As he crosses perilous landscapes and battles fierce adversaries, Paul’s search for Ambrosia becomes a journey of self-discovery and a test of his own strength and perseverance. The weight of his powers and responsibilities as a God weighs heavily on him, but the love he feels for Sophie spurs him on.

Ambrosia is highly valued among the various families from different Parthenons. This has meant that they have refused to share it, especially after what happened during World War II.

After Orion and Artemis are sent on a mission to find him, things become even harder for Apollo.

Apollo discovers that this elusive substance can only be found in the possession of a figure known as the Exile. But when Apollo finds him, the Exile tells him that he sold his bottle of Ambrosia to a collector.

Entrance to Hades

As Apollo delves deeper into his quest, he eventually discovers a mysterious building that looks like it could be the entrance to Hades.

God Complex Paul Apollo in Hades

As his perilous journey continues, Apollo has to battle against fierce predators such as giant sea creatures.

Meanwhile, Orion and Artemis eventually catch up with Apollo, adding to the exciting conclusion of this epic tale. But you guessed it, in the end, Apollo gets his hands on the prized Ambrosia.

Apollo emerges triumphant from his quest, having faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, and has survived against all odds. Apollo’s journey served as more than just a physical trial. It also brought about emotionally and spiritually challenging situations that tested the limits of his godliness.

However, it begs the question — was this enough to save Sophia?

God Complex Review Conclusion

My overall rating for God Complex by Oeming, Broglia, and Berman is a 6.5 out of 10.

Although I found the story to be decent, I had to read it twice to remember the plot. To be honest with you, I totally forgot what it was about after reading the graphic novel the first time. However, the second reading left a more lasting impression on me, making the story much more memorable and engaging. While the seven-issue comic series is definitely worth checking out for its good storyline, I believe another series of God Complex comics with the same name leaves a more significant impact. The futuristic setting also makes it fantastic!

I still recommend readers explore this particular God Complex graphic novel. However, I think it falls short of being an exceptional comic. The main criticism would be that Zeus never got involved in trying to lure back Apollo. It would have been awesome to have seen more of Zeus.

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Review of God Complex created by Michael Oeming John Broglia and Daniel Berman