If you haven’t heard of Superwog or seen these three funny videos which come from their Australian TV comedy series and YouTube videos, then do yourself a favour and watch them. All three of these Superwog videos are very funny. Watch them from start to finish, because it takes a bit of time to warm up to these hilarious guys. Start with the airplane video. I’m confident they’ll make you laugh at some stage.

Superwog trying to pass the final Exam


Superwog at the Formal


The two funny brothers are the sons of a Greek-Egyptian mother and Egyptian father. You probably wouldn’t pick it without them telling you, but Theodore Saidden and Nathan Saidden attended the very prestigious Trinity Grammar school in Sydney, Australia. Theo even became a lawyer.

For those of you who may not have noticed:

  • Theodore Saidden plays Theo “Superwog” and Wog Mum
  • Nathan Saidden plays Johnny and Wog Dad

For more laughs visit their Superwog YouTube channel.