Where to Find Greek Gods in the Modern World

Ancient Gods in the Modern World

Have you ever wondered whether any of the ancient Gods of Olympus have ever appeared on earth since ancient times? Why would they? Why leave eternal paradise for earth?

Maybe they just wanted a change of scenery for a while. Who know?

In this post I try and predict which Gods and Goddesses may have returned to earth. In addition to that, I’ll also see if I can pinpoint their location.

The difficulty in making these kind of predictions is that the Greek Gods and Goddesses can change their appearance. Zeus did it in ancient times, so you can bet the other Gods and Goddesses have disguised themselves for various reasons if they’ve been on earth in modern times. Then again, maybe at one point in time, they’ve looked exactly as they do in eternal paradise.

You can run but you can’t hide, doesn’t apply to the Olympians.

1. Athena, Goddess of Wisdom


Athena most probably received a top education at a prestigious University like MITS, Harvard or Stanford University. Then again, she may of had difficult life circumstances which prevented her from attending University. If she missed out, then she must have gained enormous street smarts.

The Statue of Liberty is likely to be close to her heart. That’s because the famous statue is really a representation of the Greek Goddess herself.

Athena could be a Reporter or she may have continued working in the Higher Education sector. Whatever Athena is doing, you can be sure that she’s offering valuable wisdom to the world.

Number 1 pick: Oprah Winfrey

“Turn your wounds into wisdom”

~ Oprah Winfrey ~

2. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love


The Goddess of Love would have been raised somewhere close to Greece. In her younger years she would have wanted to be a model or actress. She would be a sex symbol. The girl can’t help it.

Number 1 pick: Monica Bellucci

Goddess Aphrodite Monica Bellucci

Monica has stated in the past, “I am an agnostic, even though I respect and am interested in all religions. If there’s something I believe in, it’s a mysterious energy, the one that fills the oceans during tides, the one that unites nature and beings.”

Nice way of hinting at things, Aphrodite. Everyone knows Aphrodite came from the ocean.

3. Apollo, God of the Arts


Apollo would probably be an exceptional singer. His songs would be eternal. He’d have very cool dance moves and I’d say he would have to know how to play the guitar. Apollo did play the lyre. Before departing earth, Apollo would have starred in a few entertaining movies to ensure everlasting fame as the God of Music.

Number 1 pick: Elvis Presley

You know what you need? A good old-fashioned spanking.

~ Elvis presley (Chad Gates) – Blue Hawaii ~

4. Zeus, God of the Heavens

His own Island Paradise

If Zeus came down to earth for a lifetime, he would want his own island paradise to enjoy a bit of privacy. Somewhere like a Caribbean island. Zeus would have a special affinity with the sky. As king of the Gods, he’d get into a variety of ventures, like music and travel, to show Apollo and Hermes a thing or two.

Number 1 pick: Richard Branson

There was $1 billion on the table, but I didn’t want it.

~ Losing my Virginity – The Autobiography ~

5. Hermes, God of Travel

New Zealand

Hermes would probably have wanted to work for Contiki, the global youth tour operator, for a period of time anyway. His best chance of working their would mean having close associations with beautiful New Zealand, just like the founder of Contiki who started offering tours in 1962. The fact is that New Zealand is one of the best travel destinations in the world. For Hermes it would be a win-win.

Number 1 pick: Contiki tour leader or Contiki bus driver

6. Ares, God of War


Defeating the Germans in World War 2. Involvement with the Cold War and the Kremlin factor, indicates a strong possibility that the God of War has spent time hiding out in Russia.

Number 1 pick: Someone with close ties to the Kremlin

God of War in Moscow Red Square

7. Hephaestus, God of Engineering


Some of the most luxurious brands of cars and other products have had their start in Germany. To lose World War 2 and to have prospered as they have in Europe and around the world says a lot. The God of Engineering has obviously laid strong foundations in Germany.

Number 1 pick: Mercedes Executive

8. Dionysus, God of Wine


The God of Wine is probably taking it easy enjoying the fine wines in France. Nice life Dionysus. We’re all jealous.

Number 1 pick: Owner of a winery somewhere in France

9. Poseidon, God of the Sea

The Ocean

Poseidon would probably want to stay linked to the ocean, if he ever did return to earth. He would surely have been a scuba-diver, a fisherman or the captain of a ship. The ocean would be in his blood.

Number 1 pick: Jacques Cousteau

10. Hera, Goddess of Marriage

Could be anywhere

You can’t deny the fact that during the 20th century a lot of great things have happened. Electricity, cars, television, refrigerators, computers, mobile phones, and the list goes on and on.

Marriage on the other hand has been around for eons.

Number 1 pick: This is a hard one. It could be anyone from Queen Elizabeth to Marie Antoinette.

11. Artemis, Goddess of Nature

South America/USA

Artemis would want to be a role model combining feminine charm with a strong female persona. She may have been an actress playing a role closely associated with Greek Mythology. Because she resembles an Amazon, you’d think she’d like to come from the Amazon river side of the world.

Number 1 pick: Linda Carter (Wonder Woman)

12. Hades, God of the Underworld


Could Hades himself have wanted to come to earth? Well, if he ever did, he probably chose to visit Israel.

Number 1 pick: J.C.

The thing with the Greek Gods and Goddesses is that there’s no way of really knowing for sure who they are, if they’re in disguise. My picks could be way off the mark. In actual fact I may have just pissed off one of the real Olympians.

Who would you pick as being a possible Olympian God or goddess?