How Greek Philosophy Supports the Greek Gods

Greek philosophy is supposed to make you think. Let’s start with Plato’s Cave theory.

For those of you who need a refresher on Plato’s most memorable thought exercise, you can’t do better than this.

Now I will try and convince you how powerful the Greek Gods truly are.

Unique wildlife and plant life are native to various parts of the world.

  • Australia has the koala and the Tasmanian devil.
  • China has the giant panda.
  • Africa has giraffes and hippos.
  • New Zealand has the Kiwi.
  • America has rattle snakes.
  • Canada and Alaska have polar bears.
  • The ocean has tasty fish.
  • Paradise has palm trees.

Why is it that kangaroos are native to Australia and not America?

  • Did kangaroos migrate from Africa in large herds seeking out their own paradise?
  • Did all the kangaroos in the world get trapped in Australia due to rising sea-levels?
  • How come the stragglers didn’t end up somewhere else?
  • Why did all of the kangaroos decide to leave Africa in the first place?

Creation or evolution?

  • Koalas need a certain type of eucalyptus (gum) tree to survive.
  • Koalas can’t live on any tree. Move them to the jungle and they’ll quickly disappear.
  • How is it that cheetahs, the fastest animals on earth, weren’t found in America or Australia?

How come some creatures are struggling to evolve?

  • Bees still make honey.
  • Anteaters still prefer to eat termites.
  • Sea horses still float around in the sea.
  • Dung beetles still move dung around.

Surely a few of these creatures would have discovered better things to do with their life by now.

Why did we end up on Earth?

  • Earth is a much better place than Mars and Venus.
  • Earth has great beaches, music and oxygen.
  • Food grows naturally on earth.
  • Mars and Venus aren’t in the same league as Earth.
  • The best thing going for Mars (War) and Venus (Love) is their association with Greek Mythology.

Don’t get misled into believing that the environment and the appearance of animals were the result of millions of years of evolution.

Think about Santorini.

A huge volcanic explosion created Santorini and its spectacular water-filled caldera.
Today, Santorini has evolved into a fabulous destination for lovers.

If you’ve holidayed on Santorini or seen the movie Summer Lovers (1982), then this Greek Philosophy will make perfect sense to you:

The Greek Gods created Santorini for Summer Lovers