Best Cars for Greek Gods

The best cars for Greek Gods

The 7 best cars for Greek Gods shown here will no doubt make you feel like a God if you’re lucky enough to get behind the steering wheel.

There’s something very special with all of these classic cars. It could be the vehicle name, the car badge, or something else that will get you thinking about the Greek Gods.

Check them out and see which cars are forever linked to the Greek and Roman Gods.

1. Maserati

Poseidon (Neptune) – God of the sea

Maserati’s three-pronged trident badge was inspired by Poseidon’s trident, specifically from the trident Poseidon (Neptune) is holding at the Fountain of Neptune in Piazza del Nettuno, next to Piazza Maggiore, in Bologna, Italy.

Maserati Neptune Trident Symbol

The Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer first established itself in 1914 in Bologna, where the Neptune statue/fountain has been positioned since 1565.

The five Maserati brothers were all involved with automobiles from the beginning of the 20th century. This would lead to the creation of this great looking vehicle. I’m sure Poseidon wouldn’t mind driving this one around.

Cars for Greek Gods Maserati
Photo credit: Alexandre Prévot (Mod) – Flickr

2. Lamborghini Asterion

Poseidon (Neptune) – God of the sea

Maybe Poseidon would prefer an ocean blue Lamborghini Asterion. This hybrid luxury sports car gets its name from the original minotaur, the half-bull, half-man monster from Greek mythology, as the minotaur was also known as Asterion in Crete.

Lambos are generally named after bulls and the minotaur is a hybrid of a man and a bull, so the name is especially well suited for this amazing vehicle with hybrid technology.

Poseidon gave life to the incredible minotaur in Greek mythology, so he’d be sure to like this beauty.

Lamborghini Asterion Best Cars for Greek Gods
Photo credit: Thesupermat – Wikimedia Commons

3. Mercury

Hermes (Mercury) – Messenger of the Gods

Classic Mercury Cars

The most famous Mercury vehicle would have to be the black car with yellow and orange flames the leader of the Scorpions drove around in Grease. It sure looks like something a thief/gangster would want to drive.

Best Cars for Greek Gods Mercury
Photo credit: Greg Gjerdingen – Flickr

The Mercury vehicle above is a 1956 Mercury Montclair. It has been located in the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan, United States.

4. Thunderbird

Zeus – Ruler of Olympus

Thunderbird Cars

Did you know that the car in “Thelma and Louise” was a Thunderbird.

At the end of the movie, Thelma and Louise drove the Thunderbird off the Grand Canyon. This act turned the 1966 Ford Thunderbird in this 1991 Oscar-winning movie into a real “star”.

A Thunderbird badge can see in the above picture. It even makes its own special appearance in the hit musical Grease as the animated smiley face Thunderbird badge.

It definitely looks like a cool enough car for Zeus.

Thunderbird Cars for Greek Gods

5. 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa Vignale Coupe

Zeus – Ruler of Olympus

Ages ago Zeus desired the beautiful Europa. Zeus decided to approach her in the form of an attractive bull when he spotted her near the seashore. It didn’t take long before Europa felt comfortable enough to want to sit on the beautiful bull’s back. As soon as she did, Zeus bolted to the sea and carried her all the way from Phoenicia to the island of Crete.

On the island Zeus changed back to his normal appearance and seduced her. Amazingly, Europa ended up giving birth to three of his sons, one of them being Minos, who became the first King of Crete.

Europa and Zeus disguised as a bull
Photo credit: Ken and Nyetta – Wikimedia Commons

It’s hard to believe, but remember he’s a God.

Cars for Greek Gods Ferrari Europa
Photo credit: Sicnag (Mod) – Flickr

6. Apollo Arrow


Apollo loves beautiful women

I’m sure Apollo would like this beauty.

Cars for Greek Gods Apollo Arrow
Photo credit: El monty (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

The Apollo Arrow concept car was unveiled at the 2016 International Geneva Motor Show.

7. Hades-mobile

Hades – God of the Underworld

Hades, God of the Underworld, fell in love with Persephone. He desperately wanted Persephone to be his bride and wife, so one day Hades scooped her up in his horse drawn chariot when she was out picking flowers in the fields. After that he quickly returned to the gloomy Underworld (Hades) with her.

Zeus and the other Olympians weren’t happy about it when they realised that Persephone would be trapped in the Underworld forever. Once Persephone’s mother became aware of his motive for abducting her daughter, she wanted her daughter back. But what could she do about it?

Hades abducting Persephone Chariot Scene

The same thing happens in this smoking hot music video titled “Turbo Killer”.

We have Hades abducting his future bride. Zeus and a few of the other Olympians give chase. They even drive off a cliff and the enter the Underworld, however they are powerless in the realm of Hades. Persephone is left to her fate and Zeus returns to the heavens.

At least Hades isn’t driving around in a chariot anymore.

Cars for Greek Gods Hades
Photo credit: Dave and Margie Hill / Kleerup (Mod) – Flickr

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