ARES, God of War: Graphic Novel Review

Ares God of War Graphic Novel

For eons, Ares, the God of War, has been the ultimate badass in Zeus’ crew – the guy you call when you want to make sure everyone in a 10-mile radius ends up six feet under.

But now, after causing chaos across Olympus, Earth, and even at the gates of Troy, Ares is hanging up his blood-stained armor for a shot at fatherhood.

That’s right, this former warlord is trading in his weapons for father duty.

But what happens when Olympus is in serious trouble and calls on Ares to come to the rescue, will he answer the call or tell his old man Zeus to take a hike?

The mighty Olympian Gods find themselves in a dire situation, their desperation reaching new heights as they face a formidable threat. In their hour of need, they turn to the God of war, Ares, to seek his aid in a last-ditch effort to protect their sacred realm.

Ares, known for his fierce and relentless nature, is compelled to answer their plea, despite his own reservations. The tension and urgency within the divine ranks only serve to intensify as Ares grudgingly joins forces with his fellow deities, knowing that the fate of his son and that of Olympus hangs in the balance.

Ares, God of War (Marvel)

In a bold and audacious move, Hades, the formidable ruler of the underworld, once ventured out of his dark domain to challenge the mighty Gods of Olympus in a daring attempt to claim ultimate power.

Seizing the opportunity during a moment of vulnerability amongst the Gods, Hades mounted a brutal assault on the sacred grounds of Mount Olympus, leading his army of fearsome creatures and vengeful spirits in a bid to overthrow the ruling deity, Zeus.

However, despite his cunning tactics and fierce determination, Hades ultimately found himself outmatched by the combined might of the Gods with Ares on their side.

History of War on Mount Olympus

The heavens trembled as the titanic forces clashed in a battle of epic proportions, with thunderbolts and fire raining down upon the earth, threatening to tear asunder the very fabric of reality.

In the end, Hades was forced to retreat, defeated but not broken. The scars of war still lingered, a constant reminder of the perilous brink upon which the fragile balance between the realms of the living and the dead had teetered. And so, Hades retreated back to his shadowy realm, nursing his wounds and biding his time, his eyes ever watchful for the moment when he might once again rise up to challenge the might of Olympus.

For in the eternal struggle between the forces of light and darkness, the flames of ambition and vengeance burn eternal.

Ares, God of War – Father to Alexander

After centuries of reveling in bloodshed, Ares, the formidable God of War, found himself weary and dissatisfied with the never-ending cycle of violence that defined his existence. Seeking solace and a fresh start, he made the bold decision to renounce his godly status and embrace a humble life on Earth.

Now, instead of inciting chaos on the battlefield, Ares spends his days navigating the challenges of parenthood alongside his son, Alexander. From attending parent-teacher meetings at school to playing with his son, the former deity immerses himself in the everyday joys and struggles of mortal life.

Ares God of War with Son Alexander

Despite his storied past as a fierce and merciless warrior, Ares now gets pleasure in the simplicity and intimacy of family bonds. Through his newfound role as a devoted father, he learns patience, compassion, and the value of peace – qualities that once seemed foreign to his volatile nature.

As he looks upon his son with pride and love, Ares realizes that the greatest battles are not fought with swords and shields, but with understanding and empathy. And though his divine powers may have faded, his transformation into a devoted parent and mentor is a testament to the enduring power of redemption and second chances.

The Fortress of Olympus

But once again, the greatest fear of Olympus has come true as their sacred realm faces imminent destruction from an unknown enemy. Ares, the mighty God of war, is their only hope for salvation, yet he hesitates to join the battle, consumed by his own internal conflict.

Despite his immense power and skills in combat, Ares grapples with the decision to intervene, torn between his loyalty to Olympus and his desire to remain detached from the chaos and bloodshed that war inevitably brings.

Olympia Fortress Comic Scene

As the fate of Olympus hangs in the balance, Ares must confront his own inner demons and make a choice that will determine the future of Olympus and his own legacy as the God of war. Will he rise to the occasion and defend Olympus, or will his reluctance prove to be their undoing?

Hermes and Achilles ask for Help

When Hermes, the swift-footed messenger of the Gods, is sent on a mission to persuade Ares, the hot-headed God of War, to lend a hand, chaos ensues. Ares is too busy flexing his muscles and working for a living to bother with the Gods. Despite Hermes’s best attempts, Ares remains obstinate and refuses to budge.

Frustrated and running out of ideas, Hermes reports back to the rest of the Greek Gods. They are left scratching their heads – how can they possibly achieve their goal without the help of powerful Ares? Despite the strength of Hercules, the Olympian Gods have been unable to protect Olympus from the imminent danger, thus making the presence of Ares crucial.

As they debate and scheme in Mount Olympus, Zeus, the ruler of the Gods, instigates a cunning plan.

Will Ares finally relent and come to the aid of his fellow deities, or will his stubbornness prove to be their downfall?

Even Achilles, the renowned warrior of Troy, resurrected from the dead, intercedes in an attempt to persuade Ares to align himself with the Olympian Gods in order to preserve Olympus.

Achilles and Ares

Japanese God of Evil

The main motive for Ares having a change of heart is that his son Alexander has been abducted. The kid has been taken by evil minions working for the formidable Japanese god of evil.

Evil God of War Adversary

Compelled by the desire to find his missing son, it’s the main reason why Ares decides to rejoin with the Olympians. With high stakes and a formidable adversary looming, Ares must unleash his full strength, brutal prowess, and strategic cunning to successfully navigate the perilous journey that lies ahead.

Imagine a dark and ominous figure lurking in the shadows, with piercing red eyes that seem to see straight into your soul. This being is known as the Japanese god of evil, a malevolent force that brings chaos and destruction wherever it goes.

It whispers wicked thoughts into the minds of the innocent, twisting their hearts and leading them down a path of darkness. Its presence is felt in moments of fear and despair, a reminder of the darkness that lies within us all.

This god is a sinister force to be reckoned with, a reminder that even in the land of the rising sun, evil can find a way to thrive.

Battle Strategy of the Olympian Gods

In order to confront and overcome the evil threatening the realm of Olympus, the mighty gods and legendary heroes come together in a grand council to strategize and devise a plan of action. With cunning minds and formidable powers combined, they pool their strengths and wisdom to protect their world from destruction.

Olympian Gods and Heroes discuss Battle Strategy

As they discuss tactics and make alliances, a sense of solidarity and determination fills the room, binding them together in a united front against the forces of darkness. With unwavering resolve, they stand ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the triumph of good over evil.

Attack on Olympus

The Olympians must act swiftly to defend their home of Olympus, as it comes under siege by fierce warriors aligned with the Japanese God of evil. The stakes are high as the enemy forces threaten to destroy everything the Olympians hold dear.

Japanese God of Evil Warriors attacking Olympus

With their divine powers fading, the Olympians need to mobilize quickly to repel the invaders and protect their sacred home.

Time is of the essence as the fate of Olympus hangs in the balance, and the Olympians must unite and fight with all their might to ensure the safety and security of their beloved home.

Messenger of the Heavens

A mysterious figure emerges, claiming to be a Messenger of the Heavens. His arrival raises questions and uncertainty among the Olympians. Who is this enigmatic being and what is his true purpose?

Messenger of the Heavens

Can he be trusted, or does he bring with him hidden agendas and ulterior motives?

As the Messenger begins to reveal his cryptic messages, the Olympians must decide how to react. The air is thick with skepticism and intrigue, as the true intentions of the Messenger remain shrouded in mystery.

Ares, God of War: Review Conclusion

In this captivating graphic, readers are transported into a modern-day world where Ares, the ancient Greek God of war, grapples with his violent past while striving for a peaceful future.

Despite his best efforts to leave his warrior ways behind him, Ares finds himself faced with a daunting challenge that forces him to confront his inner demons and decide between his own desires and the fate of his son and Olympus.

As the story unfolds, Ares is torn between his desire for redemption and the responsibilities that come with his godly powers. The tension escalates as he is drawn back into the world of battle and bloodshed, coming face to face with enemies both old and new.

With Olympus hanging in the balance, Ares must make difficult choices that will shape the destiny of not only himself, but also those he holds dear. Through stunning visuals and poignant storytelling, this graphic novel delves deep into themes of identity, forgiveness, and the eternal struggle between power and peace.

Readers will be immersed in a world where ancient myth meets modern reality, as Ares navigates a perilous journey of self-discovery and ultimately learns what it truly means to be a God of war in a world desperate for heroes.

This is an excellent graphic novel and one you won’t forget. I highly recommend reading this awesome book!

Ares, God of War (Marvel): Rating and Availability

You would be wise to join Ares, Hercules, and a whole pack of other mythological heroes as they team up in a battle royale that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Heads will roll, blood will spill, and Ares will do whatever it takes to protect his kid in this epic tale of gods, monsters, and one seriously badass dad. Ps. It’s even more violent than 300 by Frank Miller.

Will Ares, God of war, be enough to overcome the impending doom, or will internal conflicts prove to be their downfall? To discover the thrilling outcome of the epic saga, be sure to delve into the pages of the graphic novel.

Grab your helmet and buckle up, because Ares #1-5, is gonna be a wild ride.

Ares, God of War (Marvel) Graphic Novel Rating: 8/10

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Ares God of War Graphic Novel Review