Things to Do in Amalfi Coast: Best Attractions

Amalfi Coast Beautiful View

The Amalfi Coast in Italy has to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Here, I talk about the best things to do on the Alamfi Coast based on my own Amalfi Coast experience. What a dream!

The Amalfi Coast itinerary for me included visiting Sorento, Capri, Amalfi, Ravello, and Positano.

Every one of these fabulous Amalfi Coast destinations charmed me in some way, so I can highly recommend visiting all of these beautiful places.

I loved traveling around this part of Italy’s coastline because there were so many incredible things to see and do around the Amalfi Coast.

Apart from telling you about the best things to do and the on the Amalfi Coast and the best attractions, I also provide some valuable tips and advice.

One big tip I’ll give you right now is to walk the Path of the Gods, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Reading this Amalfi Coast travel guide may inspire you to go if you haven’t been there before.

Plus, this guide to the Amalfi Coast should assist when creating your own dream Amalfi Coast itinerary.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast is a trip of a lifetime for most people so you need a good plan.

What to do in the Amalfi Coast

There are plenty of things to do in the Amalfi Coast region of Italy, so I promise there is no way you’re going to get bored.

In this Amalfi Coast travel guide I also give a few top hotel recommendations to help you decide where to stay when visiting the Amalfi Coast.

If this is your first visit to the Amalfi Coast, reading about my experience on the Amalfi Coast will enable you to plan the perfect trip. And who doesn’t want that?

Even if you have been lucky enough to have visited this famous Italian region before, I’m sure you’ll find one or two other great things to do on the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the best paradises in Italy. 

Personally, I give the Amalfi Coast a 10/10 rating mainly because there are so many great sights and attractions.

Path of the Gods

Lo and behold, the Path of the Gods walking trail is situated on the Amalfi Coast.

How can any attraction on the Amalfi Coast beat that?

The Path of the Gods (Centre deli Dei in Italian) is a walking trail along the spectacular Amalfi Coastline. You can walk it in about three to five hours.

Since you now know that the Amalfi Coast has the Path of the Gods, you won’t want to miss walking it when visiting the Amalfi Coast.

The trail is also known as the Walk of the Gods, which beautifully contradicts many Christians’ belief that there is only one true God in existence.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Greek Gods themselves walked along this glorious clifftop pathway at some point in time.

I regretfully missed out on walking the Path of the Gods and I’m still kicking myself about it.

Sadly, not only did I miss out on The Path of the Gods, but I also missed out on entering the Blue Grotto sea cave in Capri.

The other slight disappointment I felt was not staying long enough in certain scenic Amalfi Coast towns. That’s why my advice to you will be invaluable.

Amalfi Coast Map

The Amalfi Coast Map

The Amalfi Coast is a very special destination in Italy, relatively close to Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

The delicious food and the enchanting beauty of the Amalfi Coast will astonish you.

From the Amalfi Coast map, you can see the main towns on the Amalfi Coast. They include Sorrento, Positano, Capri, Amalfi, and Ravello.

If you visit all of these towns and the island of Capri on the Amalfi Coast during your trip, it will certainly make for a dream trip.

The Godly atmosphere in this spectacular dream-like Italian coastline is astonishing.

To tell you the truth, you can’t go wrong by staying anywhere on the Amalfi Coast.

Even so, a few tips on what to do on the Amalfi Coast and where to stay should make your trip even better.

Amalfi Coast Itinerary Suggestions

Once you know more about some of the unique things to do on the Amalfi Coast, it will give you a good idea of how long you would like to stay as a minimum.

The first big recommendation I’m going to make is to spend 12 nights on the Amalfi Coast as a minimum.

Don’t try and shave a few days from the itinerary I’m going to recommend.

If you want your trip to the Amalfi Coast to be sensational, then you need to stay there for a decent amount of time.

Sure you can visit the Amalfi Coast in 3 days, 5 days, or 10 days, but it won’t be as sensational as a twelve-night trip.

Reducing the number of days that you spend soaking up the sun on the Amalfi Coast will only diminish your Amalfi Coast dream vacation.

Visiting Rome before the Amalfi Coast

If this is going to be your first visit to Italy, I also suggest staying in Rome for the first 2-3 nights before starting your fabulous holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

In Rome, wander around the splendid city and visit a few must-see sights like the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and the Fontana di Trevi, more commonly known as the Trevi Fountain.

Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain in the hope of returning one day to Italy, as superstition suggests.

It worked for me since I returned to Italy, and it turned out extra special because on my second trip to Italy I visited the Amalfi Coast!

Another thing to do in Rome is to relax in Piazza della Rotunda next to the Pantheon.

It is one of Rome’s finest squares dedicated to the memory of the ancient Greek/Roman Gods.

If you follow some of my recommendations for an ideal once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Amalfi Coast region, you will have many beautiful memories from the experience.

The Amalfi Coast – Number of days to stay 

The Amalfi Coast is a relatively small region in Italy, so you can easily see all of the destinations like Capri, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello in a few days.

You could see them all in as little as 3 full days. If you only have 3 days to visit the Amalfi Coast, a 3-day itinerary is better than nothing.

However, planning an Amalfi Coast itinerary for around 5 to 10 days is much better.

My recommendation still stands at 12 nights on Amalfi Coast, which is a little longer than 10 days. It is just the right amount of minimum time to stay from my experience.

Obviously the longer you can stay in the Amalfi Coast region, the better your trip will be.

If you could stay on the Amalfi Coast for a month, then that’s awesome!

Now let’s begin. Here are the best things to do on the Amalfi Coast, and it starts with a visit to Sorrento.

Sorrento – The Amalfi Coast

I recommend staying for 1 night in Sorrento based on a great Amalfi Coast 12-day itinerary.

Staying for 2 nights in Sorrento would be even better, so long as it doesn’t cut short your stay in other towns.

Sorrento is the largest town on the peninsular and offers regular ferry services to both Capri and Ischia.

From Capri, you can easily catch a ferry to either Positano or Amalfi.

Sorrento is a great town to start your Amalfi Coast experience.

Amalfi Coast Sorrento

As soon as you arrive in Sorrento, you feel immediately that you’ve arrived in a very beautiful part of the world.

Tip: Make sure you arrive in Sorrento by nightfall so you can enjoy the journey getting there. If you leave Rome by 1 pm, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sorrento offers superb views like this one where you can see Mount Vesuvius in the background.

Mount Vesuvius Views from Sorrento

Even though I have only allocated one night in Sorrento after you check out of the hotel you can still spend the whole next day in Sorrento. 

Just leave your luggage at the hotel reception storage area before you go exploring.

You can leave for Positano at around 6 pm in the evening.

Positano – The Amalfi Coast

Here are a couple of hotel recommendations in Positano.

  • Covo Dei Saraceni
  • Le Sirenuse (Very exclusive)

I recommend staying for 4 nights in Positano. If you can stay at the Covo Dei Saraceni, I highly recommend it.

The hotel is quite expensive, but it is so worth it. The hotel is truly magical because as soon as you walk off the boat, you’re only a few steps away from the hotel’s entrance.

Spending time at the hotel’s outdoor pool and laying on a sunbed on a higher floor is fantastic.

Best pool in Positano Amalfi Coast

I had to leave the pool area way earlier than I would have liked during my trip after encountering a few loud mouths.

It happened after a football hit me in the stomach while I was relaxing on a sunbed.

After that, I decided to go back to my room where I could relax in peace on my private balcony.

While you’re in Positano, make sure you go for a 45-minute hike up the hill to see the large hole in the mountain, known as Montepertuso.

Lemons Positano Amalfi Coast

Get back some of your energy afterward by sampling one of the refreshing lemon specialties available in town.

The lemons in the Amalfi Coast are humungous.

Italians have somehow figured out a variety of ways to make delicious tasting treats out of lemons.

Amalfi Coast lemon sorbet or granita is so delicious.

Small Islands off Positano’s Coast

Three tiny islands off Positano’s coast (Isole dei Galli) have been linked to Homer’s mythical Sirens. You can even go on a tour and visit The Sirenusas (Isole dei Galli).

Here is the second to last photo I snapped from my private balcony during my Amalfi Coast dream trip. You can just make out the islands in the distance on the right.

Amalfi Coast Positano

The Sirens were wicked sea nymphs, who supposedly lived on these rocks not far off the coast of Positano.

Their purpose was to sing a sweet song to any sailors passing by, with the intention of luring them to their demise.

I never came across sea nymphs on the Amalfi Coast, but I can tell you, there were plenty of nymphs walking around in the streets.

On my trip to the Amalfi Coast, I actually went to Positano last, however, I should have gone there sooner rather than at the very end of my trip.

That’s because I loved Positano a lot.

My final photo on the Amalfi Coast was taken a minute or so later.

Positano Covo Dei Saraceni

Praiano and Furore Beach

Make sure you also visit Praiano and Furore Beach when visiting the Amalfi Coast.

That’s why I recommend staying for 4 nights in Positano. It will give you a bit of time to venture out and see other nearby beautiful attractions on the Amalfi Coast.

Spending time at Furore beach looks like it would be a fantastic afternoon out in summer.

Fiordo di Furore Beach Amalfi Coast
Fiordo di Furore, Attribution: Fiore Silvestro Barbato (Mods) – Flickr (left), Flickr (right)

Capri – The Amalfi Coast

I strongly recommend staying for 3 nights in Capri because two nights in Capri won’t feel long enough.

But like anything, even a day trip to Capri is better than not going at all.

Capri is located 7 km off the Amalfi coast mainland. It is approximately 10 square km in size, which makes the island big enough to want to spend at least a couple of days exploring the island.

For good reason, since the island of Capri is often referred to as a playground of the rich and famous.

Capri island map
Attribution: Morn (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons
Capri Island Italy Amalfi Coast
A view of Capri from the mainland

Capri is a magical destination.

Best of Capri Island Amalfi Coast

Italy Capri Island

Capri Nightclub Experience

The closest I came to feeling like a star was at a nightclub, where one Italian woman purposely slapped me in the face with her long brunette hair.

She then had her photo taken with a group of friends a second later right in front of me.

Maybe it was because nearly everyone in the nightclub was wearing a certain black t-shirt, apart from me.

The only reason I found out about the nightclub in the first place was that many people wore the same t-shirt in the main public square of Capri Town.

My first thought led me to believe that it may have been some kind of demonstration.

I was curious about the Italian wording on the shirt, so I asked a guy who wore the shirt, what was going on.

The guy told me that they were all friends of a particular nightclub located just around the corner.

I went there later on in the night, and the club was packed.

That’s probably why I got slapped in the face with the girl’s hair. It was in a long ponytail, and she slapped me like a whip right in the face.

From this experience, I can tell you that the Italians are not to be messed with.

Where to stay in Capri

I stayed at the fabulous Capri Inn in a top spot on the coastline close to the arrival port, Marina Grande.

Alternatively, you can stay in Capri town, which shares its name with Capri island.

The town is 150 meters above sea level. You can take the funicular railway up to the town’s Piazza Umberto, which gives you access to the central hub of Capri.

The main square in Capri town is one of the best places in the world to people watch.

If you stay in a hotel in Capri town, the main advantage is that you don’t have to go back and forth to your hotel via the funicular, which is a hassle.

You can also stay in Anacapri or somewhere else even more wonderful.

Capri Hotel Recommendations

  • Hotel La Minerva
  • J.K. Place Capri (Luxury)
  • Capri Inn (Marina area)

Things to do in Capri

Make sure you walk from Capri town to Villa Jovis, the palace of Roman Emperor Tiberius.

You can get some awesome views from Cappella di Santa Maria del Soccorso which is built onto it.

Capri is a paradise for walkers, and there are some great walking trails to discover.

Get some suggestions from the locals and always keep a map of Capri with you at all times.

One great hiking path is Via Krupp, which will take you from the top of the island all the way down to the beach where you can go for a swim.

The Blue Grotto

Small row boats can take you inside the famous sea cave, known as The Blue Grotto in Capri. Here’s what the Blue Grotto looks like on a nice day.

The Blue Grotto Capri Island
Photo credit: Brad Coy (Mod) – Flickr

Small boats can enter the Blue Grotto when the tide allows it. Sea conditions also have to be relatively calm, and the sunnier the day, the better the experience.

I missed out on this Capri attraction because I left it too late during my stay and by that time the weather conditions didn’t allow it on the day I wanted to go.

So I walked to the destination to get a glimpse of the Blue Grotto cave from the outside.

I started walking to the sea cave from Anacapri, though after a short while I gave up and caught a bus there instead.

Once there, I could see the ocean was extremely choppy and due to the high tide, I couldn’t see the entrance to the cave.

I tried to get a closer look from a viewing platform. That’s when a big wave came from nowhere and drenched me with a freezing splash of seawater right in the face and chest.

Poseidon (Neptune), probably had a good laugh over it. Seriously, it soaked me badly.

It looks like a surreal experience to have on a great day. Apparently, people even go for a swim in the cave at certain times.

Capri Island Blue Grotto
Photo credit: Brad Coy (Mod) – Flickr

I strongly recommend combining the Blue Grotto with a boat tour around the island as early as possible when you arrive if the weather is good.

Keep your eye on the forecasted weather and the Blue Grotto tourist schedule as well, so you have the best chance of seeing it.

Capri Entertainment

The first day I arrived in Capri the weather was sunny and perfect. But that night things changed, and I experienced a raging thunder and lightning show in the evening.

Bear in mind I had arrived on the isle of Capri in late July, the height of summer.

On the very first day of my arrival, the weather was perfect, and that’s the way I thought it would stay.

I skipped going for a swim at a small beach on the first day.

There was this small beach from the Capri Inn balcony near the marina, but I thought there’d be plenty of time to go there for a swim.

Well, I missed my chance. I didn’t go for a swim at all during my 2-night stay on Capri. The Gods were obviously against me on this occasion.

I may have missed out on a swim, but Zeus treated me to one awesome thunder and lightning show in Capri town.

It was also the night that I got slapped in the face at the nightclub. I’m not exactly sure what all of it was supposed to mean.


I also highly recommend spending half a day or more in Anacapri, the island’s second-largest town.

A brilliant chairlift ride can take you to the top of Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island, which offers fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Villa San Michele in Anacapri is where summer concerts are held. This place is also worth a visit, especially if you can go to a concert.

Make sure you attend a few artistic performances on the Amalfi Coast during your stay. Soak up that Italian culture.

And for a delicious snack, try Capri’s summertime signature dish insalata caprese. It is made from thick slices of tomato alternated with mozzarella cheese.

Best beaches on Capri

Capri has a few small pocket-size beaches that look very dreamy on sunny days.

The Green Grotto is located on the south side of the island and is best enjoyed if you swim right into the cave. I’ve heard that it is said to be just as beautiful as the Blue Grotto.

Be sure to have some bathers with you at all times when you’re walking around the idyllic island of Capri. You never know when you’ll find the perfect swimming spot.

Ravello – The Amalfi Coast

My recommendation is to stay in Ravello for 2 nights at the very minimum.

During my stay in Ravello, I picked Hotel Parsifal in Ravello as accommodation, and I really enjoyed staying there.

It made me feel like a Knight in King Arthur’s court. Dinner or lunch is a must while dining at the restaurant’s balcony which had spectacular views. I highly recommend the place.

Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone in Ravello is a magical place. It’s not to be missed. The Amalfi Coast has many beautiful views like this one.

Amalfi Coast Ravello

The beautiful Villa Cimbrone Gardens is a place of exquisite beauty.

Villa Cimbrone Gardens Ravello

Strolling along on the Terrace of Infinity, lined with white bust sculptures, was another spectacular experience.

Ravello Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Loved the place. It felt like entering heaven on earth — PARADISE.

Here is the view from Villa Cimbrone, from the Avenue of Immensity.

Amalfi Coast Paradise

Ravello is a very enchanting town. I would actually go so far as to say it was my favorite town on the entire Amalfi Coast.

Ravello open-air theatre

One of the best things to do on the Amalfi Coast is to visit the Ravello open-air theatre for a concert.

I sat in the theatre entranced watching a singer mention how it had to be the most beautiful theatre in the world. It’s easy to see why.

Make sure you do a bit of research to find out when an artistic performance is on at the Ravello open-air theatre, overlooking a cliff ledge.

If you’re in another town at the time when a musical performance is on, I recommend visiting Ravello for a night out because it is a phenomenal experience.

In addition, try and visit the gardens of Villa Rufolo for a summer concert.

Walking from Ravello to Amalfi (Atrani)

On the morning of departure from Ravello, leave your luggage in the hotel reception area and go for a walk down to Amalfi or Atrani (2 hours).

The enjoyable walk to Amalfi is extremely refreshing.

One of the best things to do on the Amalfi Coast for me had to be walking from the town of Ravello all the way down to the coastal town of Amalfi.

Walking to Amalfi Italy

The long pathway twists and turns its way through lemon groves, much greenery, and beautiful flowers, all the way down to the sea.

Walking there didn’t feel too tiring either because it was downhill most of the way.

Ravello to Amalfi Walk

The views on the slopes in and around Ravello are incredible.

When you arrive in Amalfi or Atrani, relax for a while, and then make your way back up to Ravello by bus or taxi, to collect your luggage.

After that, go back down to Amalfi by either bus, taxi, or private car.

Where to stay in Ravello

  • Hotel Parsifal
  • Villa Fraulo (Luxury Accommodation)
  • Belmond Hotel Caruso (Luxury Accommodation, breathtaking infinity pool)
  • Hotel Piediemonte (good value hotel)
  • Hotel Palumbo

Amalfi Town

I recommend staying for 2 nights in Amalfi due to the fact that it is such a fantastic town on the Amalfi Coast.

If you want to splurge on top accommodation, this place may be of interest.

  • Hotel Santa Caterina (5-Star Luxury Accommodation)

Having drinks in the main public square where you can watch crowds of people walking by is a very enjoyable experience in Amalfi.

The following day after your first night in Amalfi, in the morning, walk the Path of the Gods.

Spend time at the beach in Amalfi

After your walk, return to Amalfi and maybe go to the beach to cool off.

Amalfi beach

Amalfi Beach Italy
Amalfi Beach, Attribution: Daria – Wikimedia Commons

The beach at Amalfi is a real gem.

Amalfi Coast

Watching the video below will have you dreaming about visiting Amalfi and Ravello.

The pool looks amazing!

Path of the Gods: Start and Finish

The Walk of the Gods “Path of the Gods” has to be the number one thing to do on the Amalfi Coast.

The trail is often said to start in Bomerano, in Agerola. Others say it starts from the fishing village of Praiano which is built on a beautiful harbor.

I suggest catching a bus from Amalfi to Agerola and asking the driver to let you off at the Bomerano stop.

Make sure you have an idea of where it is, so you don’t miss it for some reason.

The Path of the Gods ends at Nocelle, the upper part of Positano.

It will take approximately 3-5 hours to walk along the 8 km gently sloping downhill trail from Bomerano to Nocelle.

You can then make your way down to Positano via a large number of steps to the town.

You can catch a bus down from Nocelle to Positano if you want to take it easy. Then again you could be waiting for a long time if you do.

Relax for a while in beautiful Positano before catching a ferry back to Amalfi.

Make sure you bring a map with you, so you know where you are on the Path of the Gods.

A better and more enjoyable way to experience the Path of the Gods may be to get an experienced guide to take you on the walk of the Gods, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Way of the Gods Amalfi Coast

You may learn something interesting along the way if you go with a guide.

My Path of the Gods Experience

Kicking myself for having missed the Path of the Gods.

The reason I missed out on this superb walk is that I visited Positano after Ravello.

I assumed I could walk the Path of the Gods from Positano, but that isn’t the best direction to walk it in, since the walk would end up being mostly uphill.

I asked the reception lady at my hotel in Positano how to start the Walk of the Gods.

She told me to catch a bus or ferry to Amalfi, and from there I needed to catch another bus to the starting point at Bomerano, in Agerola.

You could start the walk in Positano if you wanted to do it in reverse, but the views and backdrop probably wouldn’t have been as spectacular.

I had just caught the ferry from Amalfi to Positano, so I decided to catch the bus back to Amalfi instead to make my way to the starting point.

But I soon gave up. Waiting for the bus under the blazing hot sun wasn’t fun.

They even had workers directing bus passengers because the crowds were crazy.

It was total chaos where the bus stops were in Positano. Inhaling car fumes while waiting for the bus made things unbearable.

The thing is I never thought the town of Positano would be so charming.

I fell in love with Positano after a brief stroll through the streets to get to the bus stop.

So I decided to forget about the Gods on this occasion and chose to spend the remaining time I had in Positano.

Another big reason why is that I wanted to spend time at my fantastic hotel pool. Since I only had one night in Positano, I had to make the most of it.

Amalfi Coast Itinerary

You can see how easy it is to spend 12 nights on the Amalfi Coast: Sorrento (1 night), Positano (4 nights), Capri (3 nights), Ravello (2 nights), and Amalfi (2 nights).

Wait a minute I forget about Praiano. Who doesn’t want to stay in Praiano for at least one night?

That’s why I strongly recommend staying 4 nights in Positano.

It will give you time to go on day trips to Praiano and Furore Beach, or some other place of interest.

My own Amalfi Coast holiday itinerary was as follows.

  • Sorrento (2 nights)
  • Capri (2 nights)
  • Ravello (2 nights)
  • Positano (1 night)

You can experience the Amalfi Coast in a shorter timeframe and still have a fantastic time, but I strongly recommend staying for longer if you can.

The Amalfi Coast is paradise! When asked to describe the Amalfi Coast in three words, someone stated:

Paradise, Paradise, Paradise

I’m still trying to figure out what the Greek Gods were trying to tell me during my trip to the Amalfi Coast.

  • Slapped in the face by a beautiful long-haired Italian brunette on Capri with her own hair used as a whip, on the same night as a massive thunder and lightning show.
  • Slapped in the face and body by an ocean wave at the Blue Grotto in Capri.
  • Hit in the stomach by a football (soccer ball) while relaxing at a pool in Positano.

Believe me, it means something!

How to get to the Amalfi Coast from Rome

Getting to the Amalfi Coast is not as simple as you’d like to think.

On my trip, I ended up catching a train from Rome, followed by a taxi, then another train, followed by another taxi to my hotel in Sorrento.

Something like that. I felt exhausted by the time I arrived in Sorrento.

Remember when you’re in a foreign land, it’s hard to know where you are. Bus stops are confusing, and so are train stations.

Your main desire will be to get to the Amalfi Coast as fast as possible.

Maybe a bus from Rome direct to Sorrento is the way to go if you can find one.

Most international travelers are likely to first arrive at Rome Airport. A better option could be to try and fly into Naples Airport from Rome if possible.

In Naples, there are many options available including ferry, bus, taxi, and private chauffeured car.

If you want to splurge a bit, you can take a private car to take you to Sorrento.

The alternative is taking another train or bus into Sorrento.

Private chauffeured cars can even drive you all the way from Rome to the Amalfi Coast if you wish. If you’re on your honeymoon, it could be the best choice to make.

The other option is to get to Salerno by train. After that make your way to Sorrento from there.

The reason I’m telling you this is so you can visit the Amalfi Coast with a plan. I felt stressed the entire time getting to the Amalfi Coast.

The stress hit even more when leaving the Amalfi Coast, because of my need to make it back to Rome airport by a certain time, which didn’t leave me much time to play with.

Important Tip: Have a plan on how to get to the Amalfi Coast. Even a backup plan.

Best way to get around the Amalfi Coast

The best way to get around the Amalfi Coast is by sea vessels. Ferries depart regularly during the high season, which makes things super easy to get around.

Amalfi Coast towns including the island of Capri are a relatively quick 20-30 minute boat ride away from Positano and Amalfi.

So once you’re there, traveling between places is quite easy. You can check Amalfi Coast ferry schedules by visiting these websites:

If you’re interested in the Amalfi Coast, you may also be interested in my Lake Como Travel Guide. Here’s another fantastic destination to visit in Italy.

Going on a dream holiday on the Amalfi Coast is very hard to beat.

And don’t forget, the Path of the Gods, for an even better experience on the Amalfi Coast.

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