10 Best Caribbean Islands with Top Attractions

Amazing Caribbean Attractions and Experiences

1. The Beach Boys – Aruba, Jamaica …

Map of the Caribbean

Caribbean General Map
Attribution: Kmusser (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

2. St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands

Best Views from Paradise Point St Thomas Caribbean
Attribution: Roger W – Flickr

St. Thomas is the gateway to the Virgin Islands.

3. The Baths – Virgin Gorda (Virgin Islands)

The Baths Virgin Gorda Caribbean
Attribution: Geoff Livingston – Flickr
Best Beach in the Caribbean The Baths
Attribution: Geoff Livingston – Flickr
Virgin Gorda The Baths Best Beach Caribbean Islands
Attribution: Henry aw at the English language Wikipedia (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

4. Trunk Bay – St. John

St. John is the smallest of the 3 U.S. Virgin Islands.

Trunk Bay looks like a great place to go for a swim.

St John Trunk Bay Caribbean

5. Petit Tabac 

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Best Places in the Caribbean Petit Tabac
Attribution: _dChris – Flickr

The island of Petit Tabac featured in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was the location for Rum-runner’s Isle, where Jack Sparrow was stranded. An Isle of Reefs Tours can take you to the island for a short period of time.

Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales even search for the mythical trident of Poseidon.

Poseidons Trident Pirates of the Caribbean

6. The Pitons – St. Lucia

The Pitons St Lucia Caribbean Island
Attribution: Les Piton (Mod) – Flickr

Saint Lucia: Sugar Beach: A Viceroy Resort


7. Barbados

Caribbean Island Flag of Barbados

The symbol at the centre of the Barbados flag represents the Trident of Poseidon (Neptune), God of the sea.

It is placed on a gold stripe representing the island’s sandy beaches. The blue represents the sea.


8. Dunns Falls – Jamaica

Jamaica Dunns River Falls Caribbean

Dr. No’s fictional Crab Key Island in the 1961 James Bond movie is a paradise where the gorgeous beach surrounded by beautiful waterfalls. Guess where the waterfall scenes were filmed? You guessed it – Dunn’s River Waterfalls, Jamaica’s number one tourist attraction.

I actually thought this was where the waterfall scene in the movie Cocktail was filmed, where Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue have their erotic rendezvous. That honour goes to Reach Falls.

The beauty about Reach Falls is that it is one of the few attractions in Jamaica where you are likely to find solitude away from the hoards of tourists. The waterfall is located on Jamaica’s east coast, which is further away from the touristy resort areas. A guided tour is probably the best way to go. How lucky would a couple be to have Reach Falls all to themselves.

9. Paradise Challenge – Jamaica

10. St. Barts

The playground of the rich and famous.

St Barts Caribbean Island
Attribution: Remy Gumbs (shady P) – Flickr

Interesting things to know about St Barts:

  • St Barts (St Barths) is the English name for this French island.
  • Officially, the island is known as Saint-Barthélemy.
  • This island gem has a reputation as being the most elite destination in the Caribbean. Celebrities love the place!
  • Arriving on the island by a small prop aircraft is a fantastic scenic way to see it for the first time. You only need to take a short 10 minute flight from St Martin where all international flights arrive. The other option is by ferry or yacht (for the lucky few).
  • Hiring a car is a great way to explore the island and it isn’t that expensive either. Hotels normally offer a free round-trip airport pickup and delivery service, however it will be harder to leave the hotel area after that because taxis are few and far between, hence why visitors in the know hire a car.
  • The official language in St Barts is French, although many people do speak fluent English. Try and use the French greeting “Bonjour” when able to at the very least.
  • The capital city of Gustavia is a highlight for many visitors. St Barts also has excellent restaurants and great nightlife to enjoy and don’t forget those fabulous beaches.
  • The Euro is the official currency in St Barts, however US dollars are widely accepted.
  • Peak season is during Christmas and New Years when many of the rich and famous arrive on their mega yachts. During this period prices skyrocket. Prices are much lower during the summer season.
  • St Barts is a very safe place with little to no crime occurring to spoil your vacation. Leaving the house and car unlocked isn’t unheard of.

I haven’t included an island in the Bahamas in this post because I discuss Atlantis Paradise Island in another post. Check it out. 

These 10 amazing Caribbean attractions should be enough to start you dreaming.