10 Great Travel Bloggers Who Have Visited Greece


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1. Nomadic Matt

Matt went back in time and showed readers what the front page of his very first travel web site looked like. There on the front page was Uluru, the humungous red rock located in the middle of Australia. He described it like having the appeal of a bad Windows desktop. With small white coloured text headings on the lefthand side of the page and a news box on the righthand side, it sure did look pretty amateurish.

When looking back at it Matt said to himself, “What the hell was I thinking?!” and I’m sure lots of other people would agree. The thing is Matt hand coded everything using HTML at a time when web page development wasn’t that easy. Now days WordPress makes things pretty simple for just about anyone to have a website. The HTML knowledge gained still became useful to Matt over the years. Building a website without being a perfectionist at the start also allowed him to find his voice and the direction he wanted to go in.

Anyone looking at his website at that time in the beginning most probably wouldn’t have guessed how far Matt would go. Matt even bagged his own writing back then. The thing is Matt gave something a go which eventually payed off big time. He has helped thousands of people along the way through his world travels by sharing valuable knowledge, great stories and awesome photos. Many travellers lucky enough to have found his website have no doubt been inspired by him. Matt was looking for his place in the Universe and he found it.

In my opinion Nomadic Matt could even be Hermes, the Greek God of Travellers. He has come down to earth to inspire budget travellers because he lives like a king on Olympus. He needed a change of environment for a short time anyway. A change is as good as a holiday. Matt, you have my total respect!

The Lesson:

Start doing something your passionate about. Start small. Give it a go. Keep improving. See what happens. Think of Matt and his Uluru website if things aren’t looking so great at the start.

2. Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren is the chick who seems to go from disaster to disaster. While travelling around the world she has experienced many crazy situations which has made her even more loved by her followers.

On a visit to Thailand she had a Thai massage from an old woman. During the massage she couldn’t believe that a finger had somehow slipped into her vagina. Not sure how far it went or whether it was some kind of accident but it does sound very suspicious.

The Lesson:

A good story can make a bad experience ok.

3. Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten had his MacBook Pro laptop computer stolen by hookers in Panama in 2011.

Readers then joined him in his hunt to recover it from over 2000 miles away. Luckily he had already downloaded the free tracking software Prey on his laptop before the computer was stolen, after he had learnt of someone else being able to retrieve their own computer in this way. He probably thought it might come in handy one day. This made his search a whole lot easier when he tried to recover it.

The Lesson:

The world is a dangerous place. Keep your laptop away from hookers, especially from those based in South America.

4. Young Adventuress

The Young Adventuress has put together an excellent travel website. One downside of a travel blog allowing comments from readers seems to be that there will probably be some idiot in the world who’ll want to bring you down.

Young Adventuress gives us a classic example from a comment she received titled ‘get over yourself.’ It’s packed full of insults throughout, saying things like you’re hefty in size, an attention seeker, a spoilt brat and a ditz-brained bimbo. There’s even a hilarious statement about bloggers having a stick up their ass.

After spending an enormous amount of time trying hard to build a successful travel blog, it’s quite understandable how this could really piss you off. Just to know that people like that are even reading your blog.

The Lesson:

All we can do is assume the Greek Gods and Goddesses have created this troll for a purpose. The lesson here is that there’s often a way to turn a negative into a positive. The only thing that may be needed is for you to shine a light on it. Now, is there a way to turn a negative into a positive in your own life?

5. Harald Baldr

Harald is a Norwegian tax refugee who has lived around the world since 2000. He enjoys lifting weights, political philosophy, strategic investing and the company of women. Living abroad has enabled him to write interesting posts with a unique insight into foreign lands.

Popular > 6 Reasons to avoid dating Swedish girls.

Most guys are probably thinking, what the hell!

The Lesson:

Whatever you think is good, there’s probably someone out there who thinks it’s bad.

6. World of Wanderlust

To me she is the young lady with her back shown in most of the photos. These type of images have allowed readers to feel as though they’re just behind her looking at the same beautiful scenery. Who would have thought that turning around the other way in a picture could be so cool?

The Lesson:

A different perspective can do wonders.

7. Live Your Legend

Live your Legend is a fantastic website with material that could change your life.

The posts have catchy titles like:

– Why every decision matters in making your dreams come true.
– How I am going to live in Italy for 2 months on $200 USD and you can too.

The Lesson:

Knowledge is power. What traveller wouldn’t want to know this?

8. Just One Way Ticket

You’ll learn interesting things about people. Sabrina lost a flip flop in a rice field in India and her favourite country is the Philippines.

The Lesson:

If you start a travel blog you’ll most probably never get it as good as hers. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a go. There are all types of cars on the road. Though you’ll feel pretty crappy when you compare it to this beauty.

9. Y Travel Blog

This is a great family travel blog. If only more families could live this lifestyle.

The Lesson:

If you want to be inspired by a great family adventure, then look no further than this family.

10. Wandering Earl

The number of Travel bloggers who have arrived in Thailand with hardly no money is incredible. Wandering Earl is no exception. He arrived in Bangkok with only $1500 USD to his name.


Thailand is a must visit destination if you’ve got little money. A visit here could make you famous.