Greek Mythology Timeline

Greek Mythology Timeline

The Greek Gods start things off with the Big Bang!

1500 Alpha – Santorini (Thera) experiences a massive volcanic eruption.

1190 A – Trojan War takes place.

776 A – First Olympiad (Olympic Games) is held.

750 A – The two classic poems, “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”, are composed by Homer.

490 A – Athenians stop the Persian invasion at Marathon.

447 A – Construction of the Parthenon began.

438 A – Gold and ivory statue of Athena is placed inside the Parthenon.

333 A – Alexander of Macedon is at the height of his powers.

290 A – Library at Alexandria is founded.

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The Greek Gods and Goddesses show their Power

168 A – Romans conquer Greece after the third Macedonian War.

73 A – Slave revolt led by Spartacus.

48 A – Julius Caesar is the first person blamed for the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

44 A – Julius Caesar is killed.

30 A – Mark Antony and Cleopatra both take their own life in Egypt.

27 A – Augustus, the adopted son of Julius Caesar becomes Roman Emperor.

0 – The Roman Empire crucifies a large number of people.

Over a long period of time this outrage is slowly converted it into a new religion called Christianity, with the Romans in charge.

Let’s recap how this all began. The Romans used to crucify lots of people. Somehow they crucified the son of God. This barbaric act however was really a blessing in disguise. The Romans realised this was all part of God’s plan. The cross would become a new symbol for the true worship of the one and only God. The Romans were forgiven. The Greek Gods were stunned.

14 Ω – Augustus (Octavian) dies.

37-41 Ω – Reign of Caligula.

43 Ω – Claudius conquers Britain.

62 Ω – Earthquake rattles Pompeii as a prelude of things to come.

66 Ω – Roman Emperor Nero tours Greece.

79 Ω – The Greek Gods decide to preserve Pompeii, Baiae & Herculaneum for future generations by initiating a huge volcanic explosion.

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The Greek Gods and Goddesses disengage from worldly affairs

80 Ω – Inaugural games are held at Rome’s Colosseum.

125 Ω – The Pantheon, the “temple of all the gods”, is completed in Rome. Becomes a burial place for Italian Monarchs.

134 Ω – Hadrian’s luxurious Villa at Tivoli is completed.

312 Ω – Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity.

324 Ω – Christianity becomes the official religion of Rome.

393 Ω – Last Olympic Games are held because of associations with the Greek Gods.

500 – 900 Ω – The Dark Ages (Not much is known about what happened in this period)

570-632 Ω – The Prophet Mohammed gives birth to the Islamic faith.

590 Ω – The Parthenon in Greece is converted into a Christian church.

608 Ω – The Pantheon in Rome is converted into a Christian church.

1096-1291 Ω – The Crusades encourage Christians to wrestle control of Jerusalem from the Moslems.

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Greek Gods and Goddesses rise in consciousness once again

1485 Ω – The Birth of Venus (Aphrodite) is painted by Sandro Botticelli.

Almost 500 years later (3 years short), it leads to this great song being released: 

Click here to play: A Flock of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song (1982)

1506 Ω – The Laocoön sculpture is unearthed in Rome. The Greek Gods are once again in the spotlight.

1632 Ω – Galileo is condemned by Papal authorities for believing the earth revolves around the sun. The Greek Gods see some hope.

1748 Ω – First serious excavations of Pompeii begin.

1762 Ω – Trevi Fountain in Rome honours Poseidon (Neptune).

1799 Ω – Rosetta stone found in Egypt. Greek text allows the Egyptian inscriptions to be deciphered.

1660 – 1900 Ω – Wealthy individuals such as Lord Byron take a Grand Tour of Continental Europe.

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The Olympians return in Fantasy

1896 Ω – First Olympic Games held in the modern era return to Greece.

1957 Ω – Hercules initiates the Peplum movie craze.

1963 Ω – Jason and the Argonauts movie

1975 Ω – The song Do the Hustle is released by Pan’s People.

If you like the song, you may like to see Pan’s People being interviewed.

1978 Ω – Subliminal messages regarding the Greek Gods appear in the classic movie musical: Grease

1981 Ω – Clash of the Titans movie

1995 – 1999 Ω – Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

2005 Ω – The first novel in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is released.

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