Greek Mythology Water Fountains in 15 Countries

Greek Mythology Water Fountains Prometheus
Prometheus Fountain - Photographer: Maria Azzurra Mugnai Wikimedia Commons

Where can you find water fountains with Greek mythology themes? Well, you can start with these 15 countries.

1. Australia

Apollo Fountain – Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia

This fountain features Apollo in the center with his twin sister Artemis by his side. Theseus and the Minotaur, the half-bull half-man monster can be seen directly behind Apollo.

The incredible water fountain is known as the Archibald Memorial Fountain in Australia.

Hyde Park Fountain Apollo
Photo credit: Alex Proimos – Wikimedia Commons

Artemis (Diana), Apollo’s twin sister is seen on the left.

Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park Apollo Diana
Source: Jay Galvin (Mod) – Flickr

You may be wondering why Apollo has his arm outstretched in Australia? It could be due to the fact that whatever you may believe, you’re still under the power of the Greek Gods.

Apollo in Australia
Source: Graham Crumb/ – Wikimedia Commons

Part of the Archibald Fountain also pays tribute to Theseus, the Greek hero who slew the minotaur, the beast who possessed the head of a bull, and the body of a man.

Archibald Fountain Theseus and the minotaur in Australia
Source: MargaretRDonald – Wikimedia Commons

2. Austria

Athena fountain – Situated in front of the Austrian Parliament building (19th-century).

Greek Mythology Water Fountains Classical

Athena Fountain Austrian Parliament Building
Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Neptune fountain – Schönbrunn Palace Park, Vienna, Austria

Neptune Fountain Schonbrunn Palace

Hercules fountain – Burggarten

Hercules Fountain Burggarten Vienna
Source: Invisigoth67 – Wikimedia Commons
Pegasus Fountain Austria
Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis – Flickr

Pegasus Fountain

The winged flying horse from Greek mythology.

3. The Czech Republic

Fountain of Venus (Aphrodite) – Wallenstein Palace and Gardens, Prague (1599)

Olomouc is a city in the eastern province of Moravia in the Czech Republic.

Visitors will be impressed by several baroque & modern fountains including:

Zeus Jupiter Fountain
Photo credit: Michal Maňas (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Greek Myth Fountains in Olomouc

Jupiter (Zeus) Fountain – Olomouc
Hercules Fountain – Olomouc
Mercury (Hermes) Fountain – Olomouc
Neptune (Poseidon) Fountain – Olomouc
The Triton Fountain – Olomouc
Arion Fountain – Olomouc

4. England

Atlas Fountain – Castle Howard, England

Atlas Water Fountain England
Photo credit: Tilman2007 (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Neptune Fountain – Cheltenham

Cheltenham neptune fountain
Photo credit: Scott Woodrow (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

The Perseus Fountain – Witley Square

The Perseus Fountain Witley Court

Perseus Fountain – Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Greek Myth Hero

I’ve seen a few statements on the Internet saying it is St. George defeating the dragon.

If that’s the case then why does the Holkham Hall website say it’s Perseus?

5. France

Fountain of Apollo (Le Bassin d’Apollon) – Palace of Versailles, France (c. 1668-1671)

Greek God Apollo rises from the water together with his four-horse chariot.

Fountain of Apollo Versailles Palace
Photo credit: gags9999 – Wikimedia Commons

Fountain of the Three Graces – Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, France (1864)

Greek Mythology Fountains Three Graces fountain Bordeaux
Source: Langladure (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Fountains representing Neptune & Amphitrite – Place Stanislas, the French city of Nancy

Fountain of Neptune Nancy France
Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (Mod) – Flickr

6. Germany

Neptune fountain (Neptunbrunnen) – Berlin, Germany (1891)

Neptune Fountain Berlin

Perseus fountain – Grottenhof, Residenz, Munich

Water fountain with Greek Mythology theme

Medusa fountain – Berlin

Photo credit: Manfred Brückels – Wikimedia Commons

Centaur Fountain – Fürth

Centaur Fountain
Photo credit: guendel (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Hercules Fountain – Augsburg

Hercules fountain Augsburg Germany

Mercury Fountain – Augsburg

Augsburg also has a fountain dedicated to Mercury, God of trade.

Mercury Fountain Augsburg
Source: Neitram (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

7. Greece

Fountain of Poseidon Greece

Fountain of Poseidon (Neptune) – Diafani, Karpathos

Lions Square and Morosini Fountain – Heraklion, Crete

The Morosini fountain also goes by the name Liontaria (meaning lions) in Crete.

The erection was ordered in 1628 by Francesco Morosini, governor of Crete. This is how the name came about.

The basin is supported by four marble lions. It also used to have a marble statue of the god Poseidon holding a trident, however, in the years during the Turkish occupation, it ended up being destroyed.

Sculpted reliefs on the basin display themes from Greek mythology.

Water Fountain Greece
Photo credit: C messier – Wikimedia Commons

I know what you’re probably thinking. Greece was once home to the Greek Gods and this is all they can come up with. What happened?

Pegasus Fountain – Pegasus Square in New Corinth

Pegasus Square in New Corinth Greece
Source: Thelmadatter (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

8. Italy

Fontana de Trevi (or Trevi Fountain) – Rome (1732-1762)

Trevi Fountain

This fantastic fountain dedicated to the God of the sea was erected by Nicola Salvi in 1732.

Triton fountain – Piazza Barberini, Rome

Rome Triton fountain Piazza Barberini


Italy has quite a few fountains dedicated to Neptune.

I have created a separate post showing the 10 Best Neptune Fountains in Italy. Some of these include:

  • Fountain of Neptune (Poseidon) – Piazza della Signoria, Rome (1575)
  • Fontana del Nettuno (Poseidon) fountain – Piazza del Popolo, old city centre, Rome
  • Fountain of Neptune (Poseidon) – Piazza Navona, Rome (1873-1878)
  • Neptune (Poseidon) fountain (Fontana di Nettuno) – Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna (1566)
  • Fountain of Neptune (Poseidon) – Piazza dell’Unità, Messina (1557)
  • Fountain of Neptune (Poseidon) – Palazzo Vecchio, Florence (1565)
  • Fountain of Neptune (Poseidon) – Municipio square, Naples (1600)

Diana (Artemis) fountain – Piazza Archimede, Old Town of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

Diana fountain Artemis Piazza Archimede Siracusa Sicily

9. Mexico

Hermes Fountain and Fountain of Aphrodite

Hermes Mercury Fountain Aphrodite Fountain Mexico City

Fountain of Neptune – Alameda Central, Mexico City

Fountain of Neptune at Alameda Central Mexico City
Source: Bodhisattwa (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Fountain of Life – Neptune Fountain Monterrey, Mexico

Neptune Fountain Monterrey Mexico
Source: Thelmadatter (Mod) – Flickr

Diana the Huntress Fountain – Roundabout at Paseo de la Reforma and Río Misisipí and Sevilla streets, Mexico City

Greek Mythology Fountain
Photo credit: CLiNKer (Mod) – Flickr

10. Netherlands

Venus Fountain – Het Loo Palace, Apeldoorn

Venus Fountain
Photo credit: Davidh820 (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

11. Poland

Neptune Fountain – Gdansk’s Old Town

Water fountains Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology Water fountain Neptune Poland

Fountain of Proserpina (Persephone)

Greek Mythology Water Fountains
Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis – Flickr

12. Russia

Hercules and the Nemean Lion – Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg

A lot of people think this is Samson and the lion (a biblical reference). If that were the case, then why are Apollo and Poseidon (Neptune) on the other side of the Peterhof palace?

Hercules and the Nemean Lion Peterhof Grand Cascade

This video is quite interesting.


The Golden Grand Cascade even shows Perseus (wearing his winged hat) holding the head of Medusa, the snake-haired Gorgon. Hermes (Mercury) is also one of the golden figures.

Peterhof fountain Perseus with the head of Medusa
Source: Bin im Garten (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

13. Spain

Neptune Fountain – Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, Madrid, Spain

Neptune Fountain Spain
Source: Tomás Fano (Mod) – Flickr

Cascada – Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, Spain

Cascada Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona Spain
Source: Fred Romero (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

You will find Mercury (Hermes) at the entrance of the park. He’s wearing his winged hat.

Mercury Statue at Entrance of Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona
Source: Txllxt TxllxT (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

You can see the Apollo fountain in the post The Greek Gods of Spain.

14. Sweden

Poseidon Fountain – Gothenburg’s main square, Götaplatsen (Gota square)

Poseidon Fountain Sweden
Photo credit: Mattias Blomgren – Wikimedia Commons

Hercules Fountain – Drottningholm, Stockholm

Hercules Fountain Sweden


15. The United States of America

Neptune Fountain – Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, Washington, USA

Neptune Fountain America US


Nike Fountain – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA

Greek Mythology Water Fountains Nike Las Vegas
Photo credit: Louvre Museum (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Fountain of the Gods – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA

Fountain of the Gods Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Photo credit: Dirk (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Fountain of the Centaurs – Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA

Fountain of the Centaurs America
Photo credit: AA Weinman (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons
Greek Myth Fountains in USA
Photo credit: Kbh3rd (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Neptune, God of the sea fountain – Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Neptune Fountain USA

Pegasus and Dragon USA
Source: Benbrant – Wikimedia Commons

Pegasus and Dragon – Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach, Florida

This very impressive 30 m (100-foot) tall statue shows Pegasus defeating a dragon. It is the 2nd tallest statue in the United States after the Statue of Liberty. The dragon was later surrounded by musical fountains.


Prometheus fountain – Rockefeller Center, New York City

How cool is this fountain? You can skate right next to Prometheus, the titan who gave fire to mankind.

Prometheus fountain New York
Source: Ben Hoffman – cityhunt

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