Olympus TV Series: Season 1 and 2

Olympus TV Series

If you ever watch the Olympus TV series, the 2015 TV show production, you are in for one of the biggest mind f*cks of all time.

The Olympus TV series is a Canadian/British fantasy series that appears to be a bit of a secret. It’s not a classic Greek myth TV series, but it does have some special moments.

After I show you the Olympus trailer, I provide a rundown of the Olympus TV series, so you can get some idea of what you are in for.

If you read my notes, you’ll soon realize that the Olympus TV series is pretty crazy!

Watching Olympus will perplex you due to the humongous amount of bizarre twists and turns along the way.

The best thing I recommend doing is to just watch the Olympus TV series. Begin with episode 1: The Temple of Gaia.

Watch the first episode of this weird retelling of the Greek myths, and then decide if you want to continue watching more episodes.

The first episode of Olympus in the 13-episode series is a real spinout!

Olympus TV Series Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the Olympus TV series – Season 1.

Olympus TV Series Season 1

Season 1 of Olympus was released in 2015. It stars Tom York as the hero.

Olympus Season 1: Episode Guide

There were thirteen episodes in Olympus season 1.

Here I briefly tell you what happens in each episode starting with episode 1: The Temple of Gaia.

I only cover episodes 1 to 8 because after that it just got a bit too hard.

Episode 1 – The Temple of Gaia

The first thing that stuns you when watching the Olympus TV series is seeing someone with their legs trapped within a wooden locking device. Then wondering why the hell there is a large number of feet scattered throughout a cave.

A cyclops is about to cut a man’s legs off. The cyclops paints the man’s legs blue, another mystery.

The Cyclops has one eye in his mouth and looks scary enough, so things looked very promising in episode 1 of Olympus.

Luckily, the hero manages to escape. However, the cyclops doesn’t fare well. The monster ends up losing two fingers when trying to catch his own blade during the escape.

The man who escapes with his life is the main hero in the Olympus TV series, called Mercenary in the beginning and for much of the TV show.

At some point, his name changes to Hero.

I doesn’t make much sense, but nothing much of this weird retelling of the Greek myths does.

The hero in Olympus is on a quest to find the Oracle of Gaia.

Visuals in the Olympus TV series are sometimes very impressive, like when he enters a cave that looks like a lion. There he searches for the Oracle of Gaia.

Three women say they are the Oracle. He must choose who to believe and rescue.

Olympus – The Complex Plot

In the meantime, the Siege of Athens in 2015 BC is taking place. The men loyal to King Minos are in superior numbers to the Greeks.

Queen Medea then appears and talks about her son Lykos. There is a scene where an eagle appears in the sky over a lake. A drowning old man with grey hair and a beard is looking at the eagle while his arm is bleeding in a pan.

In the fast-moving plot of Olympus there is a very unexpected Eros-related sex scene.

Then things go back to the Oracle and Hero.

In the flashback, the girl who claims to be the Oracle wishes to go home, but Hero wants to take her to the Temple of Gaia. She then decides to reveal to him that she isn’t the Oracle.

As you can see, plenty of stuff happens at lightning speed. Your brain will be working overtime trying to figure out what on earth is going on.

Arrows are then seen flying toward a fortress and one of them hits the king. He is cursed and whoever says his name will turn to stone.

Greek Gods in Olympus TV Series

The girl who claimed to be the Oracle is protected by Poseidon. The Fates are gathering.

A worshipper postures in the front of a statue of Apollo and asks the Greek God to keep the king safe.

Mercenary (the hero in the Olympus TV series) gets hit by a poison dart from a blowpipe.

The girl escapes. There are Harpies in the woods, Furies, and Minotaurs as well.

Mercenary awakens and quickly finds the girl who claimed to be the Oracle with her brother.

King Aegeus seems to have a rival who desires to be king. As a result, the queen kills a bodyguard of the general at a Sanctuary.

She also poisons the general. The queen then asks him to step forward to make it easier for his journey through the River Styx. All he has to do is admit his guilt, in order to smooth his journey on the River Styx.

The chosen successor to the General is the son.

The queen wants to find a lexicon and a priest tells her she has to stand over the mouth of Gaia.

Then the Oracle stands over the mouth of Gaia to answer the question by the hero – why was I brought up in hiding?

Your father is the king of Athens, the son of Aegeus, the firstborn son.

A strong sex scene appears in the vision. You carry the sacred lexicon inside of you. It is hidden.

The lexicon has the power to open the doors to Olympus. Whoever enters becomes a God.

Someone cuts her brother’s throat and episode 1 of Olympus ends there.

Whoa, what a f*cking mind trip!

I highly recommend watching the first episode twice before watching episode 2 to have the best chance of understanding this complex storyline.

Episode 2 – Daedalus

Daedalus is introduced in episode 2 of Olympus. He is seen flying in the sky over the sea.

Mercenary has been captured and is tied up in rope. His blood forms shapes. The Oracle pretends to have sex with him to take his seed and cuts the rope to free him.

The riddle of the lexicon, the son Prince Lykos will have his day.

The priest tells the son that he will offend Apollo, God of light and truth. But you’ll gain the respect of Aries, the God of war.

The queen makes the king sleepy with a drink. He says an army of satyrs are at the gate. Hermes whispers to him. Anyone who enters Olympus will turn immortal.

Mercenary, Oracle, and Daedalus then cross a cavern over infinite poles that stick up high,  allowing passage across the cavern.

The scene freezes and he faces a creature that looks like Pan.

One thing I found very annoying is the Oracle calling the guy Mercenary.

Olympus TV series episode 2 finishes when they appear stuck with nowhere else to go. They have actually ended up on a giant rock hand.

Episode 3 – Ring of the Magi

The Oracle has a vision where giant statues crumble and collapse.

The queen worships the Goddess, Athena.

All three of them. Mercenary, Oracle, and Daedalus get captured. A ring is the key to unlocking the lexicon.

Babylonian mystics use the ring to banish the Greek Gods and bring their one true God. Daedelus has a piss in front of everyone.

The Goddess of peace, Irene, who has symbols of the olive branch and corn, is duly summoned.

Daedelus steals the ring like a common thief.

During a tribute to Apollo, the king comes back. What does he do? He makes his son kiss his feat.

Episode 4 – Minos

Daedelus is tortured with his head placed inside a box with stinging bees.

An omen of Hades is made up by the Queen.

Mercenary is cursed because he killed the cyclops, the son of Gaia.

Episode 5 – Blood Brothers

Oracle gets a massage while getting turned on and sees a vision. Hands in the air, while shouting king of Athens. Eagle gets shot by an arrow. Explodes in a fireball, and statues crumble.

Son goes to bed with a male scribe.

The ring is believed to have the power to kill a God. 

Lykos tortures his brother and is almost about to kill his brother.

Daedelus gives Minos a plan to penetrate the gates of Athens by using a bronze bull. It is not the horns but the tongue of the bull that will do the job.

Right at the end the Oracle is seen in bed with the daughter of King Minos.

Episode 6 – The Lexicon

I think this is where Olympus started getting bad. I didn’t enjoy this Olympus episode at all.

A mystic girl with a sword enters the Temple of Gaia where she shows no mercy.

The lexicon is a curse.

Queen Medea then bleeds Mercenary.

Episode 7 – Love and Time

Cronus is the guardian of the lexicon. Cronus is the God of time with the power to freeze time.

Love (Aphrodite) has to be killed in order to appease Cronus.

The Oracle is protected by Poseidon.

A ruthless mystic (who worships one true God) kills soldiers and a young boy while searching for the son of Aegeus.

Aphrodite will be at the temple of Pathos. Queen Medea and the son of Aegeus will go there.

Lykos kisses his scribe and asks him if he told his uncle that he doesn’t contain the lexicon.

A mystic girl turns out to be the sister of Queen Medea.

There is a fight between Mercenary and Mystic. Mystic ends up putting the ring on her finger. Soon after Mercenary kills her.

To make things even crazier, the blonde scribe then turns out to be the younger brother of Lykos.

Queen Meda even tries to persuade Mercenary to kill the Oracle, even though she has professed her love for him.

Episode 8 – Danger and Desire

A bull’s head is wheeled into Athens. You can see Daedelus helping to push it.

Daedalus opens the bull’s mouth and screws a hole into the wooden gate.

Since Mercenary gave away the ring, he won’t have protection when he faces Cronus.

King Aegeus is about to kill himself. Lykos tries to stop him.

Daedalus then sits on the thrown, followed by King Minos who sits on the throne of Athens.

Olympus TV Series Final Episodes (9 – 13)

After watching the first eight episodes while trying to take some notes to make some sense of the Olympus TV series, you can see how I failed terribly.

The other episodes Pandora’s Tomb, Heritage, The Speed of Time, and The Door of Olympus, toward the end of the Olympus TV series went by in a blur.

Strangely enough, I thought that the Olympus TV series ended well.

After watching it about a year ago, I can honestly say I feel like watching it again to see if it makes any more sense when watching it for a second time.

Olympus TV Series Season 2

Olympus TV series planned on having a second season, but Olympus season 2 was canceled due to the limited success of the first season.

But at least we have season 1 of Olympus for some mind-bending entertainment.

Would I have watched Olympus TV series season 2 if it came out? Yes I would have, for sure!

I have to admit, the first time I tried watching the Olympus TV series, I pulled the plug on it sometime during the second episode.

But a few years later, I forced myself to watch the whole series, and I’m glad I did. What about you? Have you ever watched the Olympus TV series?

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Olympus TV Series Season 1