Sunburn Graphic Novel Review: Teenager Visits Greece

Sunburn Graphic Novel set in Greece

Step into the sun-soaked world of “Sunburn,” an unusual graphic novel set in Greece where Rachel, a curious teenager, embarks on her first adventure to this beautiful country.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the enchanting Greek landscapes and breathtaking beaches that serve as the backdrop to this thrilling tale. Delve into the intriguing storyline that explores life in Greece, the concept of trust, and the hidden motives of individuals.

But wait, there’s more to this graphic novel than meets the eye. Discover subtle nods to Greek mythology throughout “Sunburn,” as themes of Zeus, Hera, and even the powerful Fates come into play, reminding us that even the Gods must answer to destiny. Enter a world where past, present, and future collide with Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos weaving their intricate threads of fate.

Are you prepared to dive headfirst into the Greek world of “Sunburn”?

Well, this Sunburn graphic novel review is your exclusive pass to a thrilling preview of the escapades that lie ahead!

Sunburn Graphic Novel Review: Set in Greece

Rachel’s world turns upside down when she receives a tantalizing invitation from esteemed family friends, the Warners, to embark on a Greek adventure. At first, she hesitates, unsure of what to expect, but as the Greek spirit beckoned, Rachel couldn’t resist the allure.

Before Rachel knows it, she finds herself amidst the enchanting beauty of Greece. Swept off her feet by Peter at the ferry terminal, she embarks on a thrilling ride to his family’s mountain-perched abode. Let the Greek adventures begin!

Rachel in Greece

Rachel quickly dives headfirst into the vibrant Greek culture, finding herself at a lively lunch with the Warners where talk takes a spicy turn towards romance.

Diane, with a mischievous glint in her eye, predicts that Rachel will be an absolute hit with the Greek boys. Get ready for some Mediterranean flirting!

Rachel and the Warners having Lunch

The Warners thrust Rachel into the lively Greek party scene, where Rachel find herself surrounded by a sea of sophisticated, older guests who are well-versed in each other’s scandalous stories. Gossips galore!

Rachel feels like a youthful unicorn in a herd of wise old centaurs. Will she blend in, or will her presence send shockwaves through the Greek gossip grapevine?

Greek Party Scene in Sunburn Comic

Sunburn Graphic Novel Romance

At the party, Diane plays cupid and pairs Rachel with the charming Benjamin. Their chemistry sparks instantly, and soon they’re inseparable, embarking on classic young couple adventures – like hitting the beach!

But here’s the twist: Benjamin, the beach-lover extraordinaire, has a surprising secret… because he can’t actually swim!

So get ready for a splash of young romance and sink or swim shenanigans!

Swimming at a Greek Beach

Sunburn Graphic Novel: A Greek Island Mystery

You will be hooked from start to finish as you dive into the Sunburn graphic novel! With mysteries lurking around every corner, you’ll be flipping pages faster than a hot pancake on a Sunday morning.

Rachel talking to Diane

A bit later on, Diane asks Rachel to do her a favour. But what’s really driving her mysterious request?

Sunburn Graphic Novel Greek Island Scene

Sunburn Comic Review

Sunburn graphic novel is a whirlwind teenage romance mystery that unfolds against the enchanting scenery of Greece. Brace yourself for a sizzle of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes until the final pages of the story with some big secrets and surprises!

Sunburn Graphic Novel Rating: 5.5/10

I may be a hard-to-please critic at times, but even I have to admit that “Sunburn” has its quirks. With its focus on a teenage girl, one might assume it’s targeting young females, specifically teens. Yet, the storyline gives off vibes that cater more to an older demographic.

What’s your take on Sunburn?

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Sunburn Graphic Novel Review Teenager Visits Greece