Donald Trump Comic: Running for President

Donald Trump Comic Running for President

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Donald Trump Comic

What does the future hold for Donald Trump? It is anyone’s guess, but going by this Donald Trump comic, I have to say, I think Trump has a great chance of becoming the US President for the second time.

In January 2021, Trump was booted out of the Twitter platform, but Elon Musk ended up reinstating former President Donald Trump’s Twitter (now known as ‘X‘) 22 months later, when a narrow poll showed support for the reinstatement. This shows that Donald Trump can make a comeback, so don’t be surprised if you see Trump as the US President for the second time.

Funny Things about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a funny guy, so let’s not take him too seriously. Comedians must love the guy! Here are few funny things Donald Trump is known for:

Many people find the way he has pronounced certain words, like “China” or “huge” to be very funny.

Trump’s hand gestures, including his signature “thumbs up,” have been mimicked and exaggerated by late-night TV hosts and impressionists.

He has occasionally used unorthodox phrases or nicknames, like calling Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” or referring to himself as a “very stable genius,” which have provided comic fodder.

Trump’s tendency to repeat particular phrases, such as “no collusion” or “build the wall,” has been humorously exaggerated by satirists.

Trump’s famous hairstyle often elicits jokes and even comparisons to various things, from a tornado to a squirrel’s tail.

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