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Nick Giannopoulos Comic

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Nick Giannopoulos Comic The Wog Boy and King of Mykonos

Nick Giannopoulos Comic

To fully understand this Nick Giannopoulos comic, you need to understand what he likes. In the first comic panel you see a Essendon football badge/logo (the fighter jet) on the wall. Nick is a huge Essendon supporter!

Nick also has a connection with the classic Grease film and that’s why you see the Grease movie poster on the wall above his bed. Incredibly, he starred as Danny Zuko in the production of the musical Grease at the Footbridge Theatre in Sydney in 1991. I wonder if he knows about the secret meaning of the movie Grease?

In the third and final Nick Giannopoulos comic panel, you see Nick, Athena, and Hermes relaxing on the sand at Super Apollo Beach. It’s the beach that Nick wanted to create in the movie, Kings of Mykonos (2010). The scene is near the end of the film. So Nick obviously has a fascination with the Greek God Apollo, so that’s the reason why you also see a statue of Apollo in his room.

Nick, no offence intended about the “Malaka” joke in your Nick Giannopoulos comic. Even if you somehow are a big MALAKA – you’re a good one anyway. Much respect!

About Nick Giannopoulos

Once upon a time, in the land down under, a young Greek-Australian boy named Nick Giannopoulos discovered his love for making people laugh. From a young age, Nick was known for his quick wit and hilarious antics, often getting into trouble at school for cracking jokes in class.

You would never guess it, but Nick had big dreams of becoming a serious actor! He went to Drama School at the Victorian College of the Arts, but due to a lack of good acting roles coming his way after graduation, he decided to create his own comedy show, “Wogs Out of Work.” The show became a massive hit and catapulted him to stardom. Nick’s unique blend of Greek-Australian humor and cultural commentary struck a chord with audiences, and he soon became known as the king of ethnic wog comedy.

With his newfound fame, Nick embarked on a successful career in television and film, with the hit TV series “Acropolis Now,” which ran for five season from 1989 to 1992, and then “The Wog Boy” movies. He continued to push boundaries and challenge stereotypes, all while keeping audiences in stitches with his irreverent sense of humor.

Nick Giannopoulos is one of Australia’s most beloved comedians, known for his larger-than-life personality, infectious laughter, and unwavering commitment to making people smile. His unique blend of comedy and cultural commentary continues to entertain audiences in Australia and around the world, proving that sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine.

Nick Giannopoulos: The Wog Boy

Ah, the delightful world of Wog Boy movies! Let’s briefly dive into the cinematic universe created by the talented Nick Giannopoulos.

Nick Giannopoulos, a Greek-Australian filmmaker, is best known for his hilarious and heartwarming portrayal of the Australian “Wog” culture in his movies. The term “Wog” is a light-hearted, self-deprecating term used by Australian people of Mediterranean descent to describe themselves.

Now, let’s take a look at the movies he has created so far:

The Wog Boy (2000): This is the movie that started it all, the film that put Nick Giannopoulos on the map. It tells the story of Nick Varelas, a young lovable slacker who stumbles his way through life and love in Sydney. Filled with laughter and a touch of romance, this movie is a celebration of the Wog spirit.

Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos (2010): The sequel to “The Wog Boy” takes us to the beautiful island of Mykonos, where Nick Varelas and his friends embark on a wild adventure filled with sun, sand, and plenty of laughs. This movie showcases the Wog way of life in a foreign land. It is my favourite Wog Bog movie out of the three.

Wog Boy 3: Wog Boys Forever (2022): The final movie in the WOG Bog trilogy is Wog Boys Forever. You can read all about it in my Wog Boys Forever movie review. You will also get to see a photo I took of Nick Giannopoulos at the cinema, when he performed live on stage, prior to the film being played.

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If you want to tell Nick what you think about this Nick Giannopoulos comic, you can contact him on Instagram: @nick_giannopoulos

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Nick Giannopoulos Comic Greek-Australian Comedy Legend