GOD COMPLEX Comics: DOGMA Book Review

God Complex comics are either anti-Christian or anti-Greek God. Reading them may even invoke both feelings.

I won’t divulge it here, so I highly recommend reading the God Complex comics yourself if you want to find out.

You can do this by reading God Complex: Dogma, the graphic novel containing all six comics.

Another option is to read all six individual God Complex comics.

The God Complex storyline contains Greek mythology themes and will also bring to mind The Matrix movie, so if you consider yourself a Matrix fan, you will probably enjoy the story very much.

In the following God Complex review, you will gain a simple understanding of the God Complex storyline. Hopefully, that will be enough to encourage you to seek out and read the classic God Complex comic series released in 2017-2018. That is one of the big objectives of this God Complex review.

Anyone who enjoys reading Greek myth comics like Kill the Minotaur graphic novel or Athena (Dynamite) comic books should read God Complex because it is even better in my opinion.

If you would like to know about some more top Greek mythology comics and graphic novels, then a few more can be found in 33 Anime, Cartoons and Graphic Novels based on Greek Mythology.

God Complex is right up there with the best of them, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

God Complex Review

The story of God Complex begins in Delphi in a dystopian future.

God Complex Delphi

Seneca is a detective investigating the mysterious murder of three acolytes associated with the Trinity Church.


In ancient times, one of the most important things to do in Delphi was to consult the Oracle of Delphi.

Many people wanted to know what the future would bring in ancient Greece, so many went on a pilgrimage to Delphi to learn what fate had in store for them.

Well, a similar sort of thing occurs in this futuristic time and place where God Complex is set.

Greek Gods in God Complex 

The first Greek God to appear in God Complex is Hermes, who happens to be one of the rulers in this futuristic-looking world.

Hermes in God Complex

The rulers with Hermes being one of them stand out because they all wear shiny metal masks. They appear somewhat like Darth Vader but not as evil-looking.

Greek God-like ruler Hermes offers his full support to Seneca to unravel the mystery as to the cause of the deaths of the three Trinity Church acolytes.

Hermes doesn’t take long to show Seneca the way to Stream and the secrets of the Substrata, something that Seneca had no idea about.

The Substrata God Complex

In this God Complex world, you can never be sure what is real or unreal. It’s the same as in The Matrix movie.

Trinity Church: God Complex

Greek Gods rule in Delphi, even though most people seem to worship one almighty God.

Trinity Church seems to be the place where worshippers go. However, something isn’t quite right.

Trinity Church God Complex

Seneca was a member of the Trinity Church in his younger years but his faith in the one so-called true God disappeared long ago.

The Greek God rulers have sensed this and for this reason, they hope that Seneca is the ONE, which will remind you of Neo in The Matrix.

As you’re probably starting to fathom, the God Complex storyline has a similar feel to The Matrix and other Sc-fi movies with Greek mythology themes.

Meeting with Apollo – God Complex

In one scene, Hermes has a meeting at Argus Heights with Seneca and Apollo to discuss a few matters.

Apollo is another ruler in this futuristic world, as is Athena.

Apollo seems to be of a higher status than Hermes and is the CEO figure in God Complex.

Seneca knows the Greek Gods rule more like a corporation and is slightly nervous when speaking to Apollo.

God Complex Argus Heights

Apollo tells Seneca that the people of Delphi no longer fear the rulers. He then goes on to explain how the Church of One God operates by giving false hope to the people.

Apollo then blurts out the unthinkable telling Seneca that the Trinity exists and is real. It was the first major twist in the God Complex storyline. I never expected to hear that.

Apollo talking to Seneca

Temple of Fates

Hermes with the blessing of Apollo decides to send Seneca to consult the FATES so he can find what he is searching for.

Temple of Fates God Complex

A machine-type creature named Clothos seems to know everything based on reliable human/computer-type data.

It almost seems like a very plausible thing to do, especially after my Artificial Intelligence AI Chat about Greece and Greek mythology, which is truly incredible! I implore you to read the unreal AI Chat-generated poem about Greece. As George told me in a private email — it’s mind-blowing!

The data queen, Clothos, spins the thread and immediately knows why Seneca is there, telling him he seeks the Trinity.

Clothos spinning the thread in God Complex

The ruling Greek Gods consider loyalty essential to their cause, which Hermes drills into Seneca.

Hermes telling Seneca to be Loyal

I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone planning to read God Complex, but I’ll tell you this. The Greek Gods want Seneca to find the Trinity. What the hell, you say?

That’s the quest that Seneca finds himself on. Think of it in a way like Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece or a search for the Holy Grail.

Seneca soon finds himself under attack, which is in itself a mystery. There is a resistance group, so the enemy is unclear.

The only way to survive the life-or-death ordeal is with the assistance of the Greek Gods.

Hephaestus, the Greek God of the forge, assists in rehabilitating Seneca, but sadly it means that Seneca has to become more machine than physically human.

Seneca in Rehabilitation Chamber

The Greek Gods who rule in Delphi consider the Trinity Church to be a mind control system.

They open the eyes of Seneca and try to set him on the righteous path.

God Complex Mind Control Scene

God Complex Labyrinth

To discover the hidden secret of the Trinity Church and what the Trinity truly means, Seneca finds that he must enter a labyrinth maze.

God Complex Labyrinth Maze

That’s where I’ll leave it, on a cliffhanger…

Yes, a Minotaur (Devil) appears in the labyrinth and as you can see, the creature isn’t happy to see Seneca. The warning is to go back…

God Complex Minotaur Devil

God Complex Comics: Complete Series

There are six God Complex comics in the series. You can purchase them individually, or if you prefer, you can buy God Complex: Dogma, a graphic novel that contains all six God Complex comics.

The God Complex comics by Paul Jenkins and Bryan Lie were released in 2017-2018.

Don’t confuse it with another God Complex comic book series (five comics) with the same name released in 2009-2010.

Both series are excellent, but if I had to choose one that left the biggest impression on my mind, it would have to be this one.

God Complex Series

God Complex: Dogma – Review Conclusion

I enjoyed reading God Complex by Paul Jenkins, a British comic book writer, and Bryan Lie, the illustrator of the God Complex comics, who did a fantastic job.

The storyline is very intriguing, but the ending left me very disappointed. It felt rushed, as if someone told the creators they had to wrap up everything asap, with hardly any notice given.

One more God Complex comic was needed to finish it off nicely. In addition, the story required a much better ending.

If that had been done then God Complex would have been very movie-worthy.

Making a God Complex movie is still a fantastic idea, but someone needs to dream up a great ending that enthralls and leaves a long-lasting satisfying impression on the mind.

My rating for the series of God Complex comics is 8 out of 10.

The illustrations created by Bryan Lie in God Complex are superb!

Give it a read and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

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God Complex Dogma Review