Jason and the Argonauts Movie Myth Tribute

Jason and the Argonauts Movie Myth Tribute

One fateful day, a surge of inspiration compelled me to create a fascinating Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute. Fueled by an intense passion and deep-seated admiration for the timeless movie masterpiece that is “Jason and the Argonauts” (1963), I set out to channel the film’s unparalleled spirit and showcase its brilliance through artful expression.

I embarked on a photographic expedition, eager to pay tribute to the timeless story. My tribute to the timeless movie classic, “Jason and the Argonauts,” demanded that I do justice to its unparalleled legacy. I dreamt of creating a work of art that would embody the essence of its unique spirit, capturing the same awe-inspiring wonder and spellbinding enchantment that continues to captivate audiences even to this day.

The 1963 classic, “Jason and the Argonauts,” is one of the Best Movies based on Greek Mythology of all time. Plenty of fans consider it to be the pinnacle of the genre at the very least. Among the many fans of this celebrated masterpiece is none other than Hollywood icon Tom Hanks. The famous actor even publicly proclaimed during a rousing speech, “Some people say Citizen Kane (1941) or Casablanca (1942). I say ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ is the greatest movie ever made.”

In the realm of Greek mythology, few stories can match the enduring adventurous legacy of “Jason and the Argonauts,” otherwise referred to as “Jason and the Golden Fleece.”

Jason and the Argonauts Movie Tribute

My tribute to the legendary classic, “Jason and the Argonauts,” was nothing short of exhilarating. The mere thought of embarking on a journey to locate the fabled Golden Fleece, which has captivated imaginations for centuries, set my mind racing with wild excitement. Despite the thrill and anticipation, I knew that this adventure would be challenging and full of unexpected twists and turns, but I was ready to embrace it all.

As I dove headfirst into my Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute, my mind would often wander, and who could blame me? I mean, think about it. Would I come face-to-face with the awe-inspiring, bone-chilling Skeletal Warriors that wowed audiences back in 1963? The possibilities seemed endless, and it was enough to excite any adventurer.

Having thoughts about getting the attention of the Greek Gods through my Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute added an extra layer of excitement to the journey ahead.

But even as I let my imagination run wild, I never lost sight of the goal at hand. I was on a quest to capture the pure essence of the Jason and the Argonauts movie, to let it shine through in whatever tribute I conjured up. The legendary Greek myth has inspired endless adaptations, interpretations, and innovative projects over the centuries, so contributing to its timeless heritage felt like a privilege and I wanted to make the most of it.

The Quest of Jason and the Argonauts Begins

The inception of this Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute was due to a strong desire to create a memorable experience on the momentous date of 22/02/2022.

Fortunately, fate smiled upon me with a beautiful and sunny day in my part of the world. Thus, armed with my newly refurbished Polaroid SX-70 camera, I embarked on a quest to capture a memorable photo.

I had longed to ride a nearby Ferris wheel which stood within close proximity to the shoreline of a great beach. It would be my first ride on this special date filled with 2s.

I envisaged that reaching great heights would provide an unparalleled view allowing me to capture a fantastic image of the stunning beach, serving as a cherished keepsake for the occasion.

Argo Ship: Jason and the Argonauts

As I approached the colossal Ferris wheel, my gaze was abruptly captivated by a magnificent sea vessel resting on top of a monument.

Let’s think of it as the Argo in honor of the fabled ship Jason and his Argonauts used in their quest to explore the end of the known world in their quest to find the coveted Golden Fleece.

In the subsequent photograph, a partial view of the towering Ferris wheel can be seen in the backdrop, while the majestic ship remains in the foreground.

Argo Ship

I decided to capture the image while the Ferris wheel was in motion, hoping to achieve a unique effect. The resulting photo surpassed my expectations, albeit with a sense of distortion in the Ferris wheel, which did not resemble its authentic form. Moreover, the sky’s depiction falls short of the vibrant shade of blue that dominated that day. Instead, the photo displays a grayish overcast.

Despite this, the breeze had animated two flags near the ship, producing an alluring sight. Their gentle sway augmented the surreal ambiance of the shot. The vessel itself was my primary muse, evoking a sense of grandeur and adventure.

As I looked at the majestic Argo, I imagined the brave Argonauts sailing through unexplored waters, on their quest to find the Golden Fleece. The ship symbolized their bravery and spirit, making it the perfect introduction to my Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute.

The Ferris wheel plays a similar role in this Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute as it does in The Warriors (1979) movie.

The Warriors (1979) stands out as one of the greatest warrior films of all time, and the start of The Warriors sets the tone for the film’s gritty, futuristic atmosphere.

In the opening part of The Warriors, a “Wonder Wheel” dominates the background, slowly spinning to mesmerize the viewer. The setting is ambiguous, hinting at a society that has evolved beyond our present-day existence.

Then you see the words: Sometime in the future… while you watch the “Wonder Wheel” slowly rotating in the background as it cuts through the sky leisurely, creating a hypnotic visual spectacle.

Elevation to Olympus

An early scene in Jason and the Argonauts depicts the momentous occasion in which Jason ascends to Mount Olympus, aided by Hermes, who reveals his divine identity to the mortal hero.

Before this revelation, Hermes had covertly disguised himself as Pelias’s soothsayer.

Looking back on this scene when riding the Ferris wheel, it evoked a feeling akin to the symbolic ascent to Mount Olympus.

Jason going to Mount Olympus

Initially, I had planned to capture a Polaroid image at the peak of the Ferris wheel. However, my decision changed when I boarded the passenger cabin. As the ride progressed, I elected only to use my Olympus camera for shots, knowing that the quality would be far superior. Given the complexity of instant film, I felt it would be difficult to produce a good Polaroid photo.

I did inform the operator of my intention to take some photos from a static position at the top, and they were accommodating. Yet, with the clear plastic barriers and bars surrounding the capsule seating area, I ultimately opted against using my Polaroid camera. As it turned out, I was thrilled with the image I captured with my Olympus camera.

You can even spot the sculpture of a wave I photographed in “What happened to Atlantis?” While my attempt to capture the Atlantis-inspired image ended in total disaster, this photograph turned out remarkably well.

Despite never personally speaking with Zeus, Hera, or any other Greek Gods, that hardly detracted from the spectacular views surrounding me atop the Ferris wheel.

The Argonauts

As depicted in both the movie and myth, Jason handpicked a group of exceptional heroes to accompany him on his quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. The heroic band that embarked on the ancient sea voyage became known as the Argonauts.

Here, we have two Greeks and a Roman — Michael, Kosta, and Mark. We go way back! It begs the question, could these guys be descended from the original Argonauts?

Jason and the Argonauts Cast and Crew

Unfortunately, the photo I took of them standing in front of “Hey Jupiter” turned out slightly blurry due to my haste in wanting to capture an image before the waiter in the background left the scene. The guy sitting behind the waiter wouldn’t have added much value to the picture, which led to me rushing things and failing to focus the camera correctly.

Incredibly what the photo fails to show is the bright red Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari vehicle parked beside us at the time, paying homage to Ferrari. I couldn’t help but think it may have been a divine sign or a positive endorsement from the Greek Gods for my Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute.

As per the film, Zeus (Jupiter in Roman mythology) is known to watch over certain events, and I couldn’t help but wonder whether he was watching over us on this day. Who knows?

Or maybe Poseidon, God of the sea, planned the whole thing as the photo would never have happened if I didn’t meet Kosta at the Blessing of the Waters.

I took this picture showing Michael, Jim, Paul, Mark, Costa, and Slav on another later occasion.

The Crew of the Argo The Argonauts

Kosta was feeling a bit doubtful after reading about his ancestry. Was he really related to the legendary Argonauts? Here’s what he wrote to me: “Also, likely that we may be descendants of Jasonas? More likely Alexander, Aristotle and … the King of Epirus is definitely related to Alexandros mother Olympias.

Luckily, I was there to boost his spirits! I reminded Kosta of that classic quote from the muscle-bound hero Hercules, “If I meet a girl with a firm leg and a warm heart, no man will stop me.” And let’s be real, considering the significant number of Argonauts hoping to score, it’s entirely plausible that some, if not all, of these guys could trace their lineage back to the original Argonauts!

Talos: The Giant Bronze Man

Embarking on a brave journey aboard the majestic Argo ship, Jason and his Argonauts sailed towards an enigmatic island shrouded in mystery. Little did they know what awaited them was beyond their wildest imaginations — a colossal titan so awe-inspiring it could make you weak in the knees!

Crafted by the divine hands of Hephaestus, the God of blacksmiths, this colossal figure stood tall and proud, made entirely of glistening bronze. An unwavering guardian, Talos was entrusted with the vital task of safeguarding the island’s most treasured possessions.

Talos Robot Jason and the ArgonautsIn the movie, Hera told Jason to only take food and water from the Isle of Bronze and nothing else. Jason then communicated the same message to Hercules and the Argonauts, warning them not to take anything except food and water from the island. However, fate had other ideas as Hercules couldn’t resist.

Hercules, the mighty Argonaut

Hercules took an item from a room filled with treasure, which was not rightfully his, directly beneath Talos.


Talos, a colossal metallic figure was brought to life by the daring theft. Towering over the Argonauts, this imposing warrior was hell-bent on extracting vengeance from every one of them, due to the blunder committed by Hercules.

Fortunately, the Goddess Hera still favored Jason and his crew. Therefore, most of them were fortunate enough to survive the ordeal, but not everyone was so lucky.

Regrettably, in the movie, Hylas is crushed under the weight of the colossal bronze warrior as it falls to the ground. Hylas perished without anyone knowing what had happened to him as no one had seen it.

The remorse-stricken Hercules was inconsolable. All he wanted to do was find his friend, so he stayed on the island to search for him.

Hylas and the Water Nymphs

There is a notable distinction between the film adaptation of Jason and the Argonauts and the traditional narrative of Jason and the Golden Fleece.

In the Jason and the Golden Fleece myth, water nymphs detained Hylas. This detail was altered in the Jason and the Argonauts movie.

To better appreciate the fate of Hylas, I highly recommend reading a review of a graphic novel based on Jason and the Argonauts (Nel Yomtov). One of the illustrations showing water nymphs calling out to Hylas is fantastic! This image is also superb.

Water Nymph

Here we have Slav with two ladies in the background.

Hylas from Jason and the Argonauts

Argo Ship Figurehead – Hera’s Mouthpiece

Most of the Argonauts were unwilling to abandon their most heroic warrior, Hercules, after knowing he wouldn’t leave without first finding Hylas. Since he was widely known as the most powerful Greek fighter, it is understandable why the rest of the Argonauts were hesitant to leave him behind.

Nevertheless, Jason persuaded them to continue their quest to find the Golden Fleece by bringing them to the Argo ship figurehead, the magical portal for Hera, the queen of the Gods.

Jason and the Argonauts Hera Ship Figurehead

No one would ever believe that Jason was under the protection of Hera unless they heard the ship figurehead speak for themselves.

Hera told the Argonauts that Hercules was destined for other adventures and instructed them to proceed on their quest to obtain the Golden Fleece without Hercules.

As you can see, the Argo ship figurehead in the Jason and the Argonauts movie closely resembles the one that once belonged to the Star of Greece ship, which broke away during a brutal sea storm off the coast of South Australia.

To take the above photo of the Star of Greece ship figurehead, I put in extra effort by bringing a step ladder to the maritime museum. However, upon trying to use the ladder, I realized it wasn’t tall enough to rest my camera flatly on a step to shoot the Grecian Hera figurehead head-on with a support base.

I carefully placed the camera on the ladder’s top round metal bar, even though the top bar was still lower than I had wished. Without good support, the camera would likely move ever so slightly when I pressed the shutter button, which was precisely what happened.

On my way out, I showed the photo to the ticket counter guy, who mentioned that the Star of Greece ship figurehead had a ghostly appearance, and I couldn’t agree more.

Phineus and the Harpies

Upon leaving the Isle of Bronze, the Argonauts navigated to the shores of a mysterious land where Phineus, the blind seer, resided.

Tragically, Phineus had to endure daily torture by the Harpies, which was a consequence of him revealing too many secrets of the Olympian Gods.

For this reason, Phineus incurred the wrath of Zeus (Jupiter), who punished him by sending a pair of bird-like creatures to torment him.

The Harpies Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts needed Phineus’s assistance to find their way to the land of the Golden Fleece. Phineus was well aware of this, but he would only provide directions if they aided him in eliminating his horrifying oppressors, the Harpies.

Jason and his team of Argonauts devised a cunning plan to achieve this feat, and the scene in which they trapped the two Harpies inside a temple is engraved in our memory as one of the most memorable moments in the film.

As a result, Phineus was elated. Afterward, he readily shared the directions to the whereabouts of the land at the end of the earth where the Golden Fleece was located.

The Clashing Rocks 

To reach the prized Golden Fleece, Jason and the Argonauts first had to pass through a perilous gateway: the Clashing Rocks, also called Symplegades.

Sailing the Argo through these daunting cliffs was the only way for Jason and the Argonauts to reach their ultimate destination where the priceless Golden Fleece was situated.

The Clashing Rocks

Triton assists the Argonauts

Amazingly, with the aid of Triton, a half-man, half-fish sea god, Jason and the Argonauts sailed through the treacherous Clashing Rocks unscathed. This miraculous feat was facilitated at Godspeed via a few divine phone calls.

Quest for the Golden FleeceHydra (Dragon): Guardian of the Golden Fleece

The 1963 film adaptation of Jason and the Argonauts presented the Golden Fleece as being guarded by the colossal multi-headed Hydra monster. However, in the original myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece, a dragon or a vigilant serpent protected the coveted Golden Fleece.

Hydra Head and Teeth

While exploring the South Australian Museum, I came across a fascinating sight — the head of the mythological Hydra creature. I also saw a rare Hydra skull with teeth beside it.

As the room offered little natural light, I brought my tripod along to capture the impressive sight. But before I could snap the shot, a museum staff member suddenly emerged out of nowhere, telling me that the museum prohibited the use of tripods.

Fortunately, a nearby glass cabinet provided the perfect height and distance for my camera to rest on. Despite the low light conditions and absence of flash, I was delighted with the result.

The reflection of the Hydra’s head on the glass wall added to the effect, creating an illusion of a multi-headed creature!

As an aside, the person who fixed my camera not long before taking this picture sent me a witty response after fixing it, comparing my camera issues to the mythical Hydra.

Classic quote: “Boy-oh-boy does it highlight just how many issues SX-70s can have. Yours ended up being like the mythical Hydra. Removing one issue yielded two more. Fortunately, the beast has been slain now.”

Skeleton Warriors in Jason and the Argonauts

After Jason had successfully defeated the formidable and multi-headed Hydra, the ruling king of the realm decided to sow the Hydra’s teeth into the earth, resulting in the birth of a small army of skeleton soldiers.

Fans of Sword and Sandal movies – Peplum films know that the iconic skeleton fight scene in the Jason and the Argonauts movie is one of the best.

As depicted in the movie adaptation, Jason and a handful of his Argonaut companions had to bravely face off against skeletal warriors in order to escape with the Golden Fleece and embark on their voyage home from the land of Colchis.

Mythic Warrior

As I had been searching for an appropriate way to conclude my Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute, a photo of the skeleton seemed to represent the perfect opportunity. But as you can imagine, finding a skeleton is no easy task.

The incredible skeleton warrior battle scene was close to the end of the Jason and the Argonauts movie, so I thought it would be a great way to finish my movie tribute.

During my visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia, one of the best Art Galleries in Adelaide with Greek Myth Art, my personal tribute to the epic tale took an unexpected turn.

While looking around the gallery, I unexpectedly saw a striking seated skeleton.

However, upon seeing the photo, it looked much more like fricking Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Skeleton Jason and the ArgonautsAlthough I held down the camera button for an extended time, the image didn’t appear promptly, leading me to suspect a problem. However, the delay was caused by insufficient lighting in the room, resulting in a wait of at least three seconds for the image to materialize. My inadvertent movement of the camera during the delay period resulted in a blurry photo.

I learned a valuable lesson when taking this indoor shot with a Polaroid camera: to keep the camera still. The added irony is that a tribute or storyline may lead to an unexpected, unfavorable outcome, much like ending up in the underworld with Hades.

Comparing the Odyssey with Jason and the Argonauts

After viewing the above picture of Hades, I seriously considered changing the tribute dedication to The Odyssey.

Visiting Hades does “NOT” happen in the Jason and the Argonauts movie or the Jason and the Golden Fleece myth but it does happen in The Odyssey.

The Odyssey is a fantastic Greek myth that follows the adventures of Odysseus during his ten-year expedition back to Ithaka following the Trojan War. Here are some of the best movies based on the Odyssey if you’re interested in this fantastic Greek myth.

One of the most exceptional movies based on The Odyssey that I recommend watching is The Odyssey (1997) starring Armand Assante. This film has a memorable scene of Hades (the Underworld). If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a go. Ulysses (1954) is also a top movie for Greek myth fans.

There is one exception I know about. A visit to the underworld where Jason meets Hades does happen in the graphic novel Jason and the Argonauts: Kingdom of Hades presented by Ray Harryhausen. Despite expectations of the graphic novel being turned into a movie, nothing has come to fruition as of yet.

After much contemplation, I ultimately decided to keep the tribute dedicated to Jason and the Argonauts. It’s essential to note that Talos and Hercules don’t appear in The Odyssey, and I was uncertain what I would do with those pictures if I changed the tribute.

What happened to Jason and the Argonauts?

Numerous fascinating tales emerged in the wake of the Argonauts’ success in retrieving the Golden Fleece. However, the movie “Jason and the Argonauts” does fall short of telling us what became of the Argonauts.

The ancient Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece tells us that Jason, Medea, and the Argonauts set sail and escaped with the treasured Golden Fleece.

However, in the 1963 movie adaptation of Jason and the Argonauts, the story ends abruptly soon after the iconic battle with the skeleton warriors. Jason makes it onboard the ship after jumping off a cliff, and there are other Argonauts on board the Argo ship waiting for him, so Jason and some of the crew do survive the ordeal.

Castor and Polydeuces

One of the most incredible stories regarding the Argonauts is that of Castor and Polydeuces. Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux in Latin), also known as the Dioscuri, were twin brothers in Greek mythology.

According to legend, they were born from an egg that was laid by their mother, Leda, after being seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan. Castor and Polydeuces were therefore half-brothers to Helen of Troy.

Let’s consider Paul and Mark, the curly-haired guys you see here, as their counterparts, even though Paul is Greek and Mark is Italian.

Castor and Polydeuces

When the quest for the Golden Fleece was over, Castor and Polydeuces returned home to Sparta with Jason and Medea. However, their adventures were far from over.

According to some versions of the myth, Castor was mortal while Polydeuces was immortal, and after Castor’s death, Polydeuces begged Zeus to let him share his brother’s mortality.

As a result, the two twins alternated between the world of the living and the world of the dead every day, symbolizing the cycle of life and death. They were frequently worshipped as protective deities and were honored with festivals and sacrifices throughout Greece.

Jason and the Argonauts Tribute Review

I have absolutely no desire to visit Hades (unless it’s for a day trip and I return safely), so I decided against concluding this Jason and the Argonauts movie myth tribute with a picture of Hades. Instead, I will wrap up this tribute to Jason and the Argonauts by looking at the Ferris wheel from another perspective.

Jason and the Argonauts Return Home

As I was standing at this very spot, a peculiar occurrence unfolded. An elderly person taking a leisurely stroll on the jetty came my way and spoke to me. He asked me a question which I had no answer to. He was curious about the purpose of some massive cement blocks farther out to sea, but I didn’t know why they were there.

As we continued to converse, curiosity led me to inquire about his origin. To my surprise, he hailed from the naval city of Portsmouth in the UK. I found it strikingly coincidental as at the time I was thinking about the mythical naval expedition of Jason and the Argonauts aboard the Argo.

Later that day, I returned to the same spot and captured this picture, completing my tribute that had come full circle.

I knew this conclusion to my Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute would be far superior, especially compared to ending it with thoughts of Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Message from the Greek Gods

One detail I omitted regarding the commencement of the Jason and the Argonauts movie tribute, which I will let you know now, is what occurred to me on 22/02/22 after I disembarked from the Ferris wheel.

When I exited the passenger carriage, I was met with a mesmerizing song emanating from the ride operator’s sound system. It was the iconic song “Hungry Like a Wolf” by Duran Duran.

Amazingly, the official music video for this song showcases a man holding up a Polaroid photo in one of its scenes. I took it as a sign that I was indeed on the right track. Watch the music video and witness it for yourself.

Jason and the Argonauts Tribute Conclusion

You can view most of the Polaroid photographs captured during this series here. Every picture shown here was taken using my recently renovated non-sonar camera model. It required me to focus manually using a dial before clicking the shutter. This undoubtedly made the task of capturing each photo much more challenging.

The other pictures not shown here were taken with my sonar-model camera.

 Summary of Jason and the Argonauts Quest

I must clarify that while I would have relished the opportunity to discover the enigmatic Golden Fleece — a legendary symbol of wealth and prosperity, I knew that my ambitions were squarely in the realm of fantasy, for only a divine figure guided by Hera’s grace would have been able to uncover it.

Jason and the Argonauts Poem

Through the swirling waves, they sailed
The Argonauts, so brave and true
Their quest a daring, epic tale
To seek the Golden Fleece anew

With Jason as their steadfast guide
They journeyed forth in valiant stride
And faced the perils of the sea
With hearts of courage, wild and free

Amidst the battles fought and won
They captured moments, like the sun
Visions etched in memories, clear
To last for all the passing years

The Polaroid snaps of land and sea
Capture moments, wild and free
A glimpse of a journey, bold and true
Of Jason and the Argonauts’ great crew

Their tales told in folklore and myth
Live on through snapshots in their midst
Brave deeds, adventures etched in time
Forever remembered in each Polaroid line

Jason and the Argonauts (1963) Movie Trailer

I highly recommend checking out this fantastic movie trailer for Jason and the Argonauts (1963). It might even tempt you to watch the entire film.

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Jason and the Argonauts Myth Tribute