Where to find the best Adelaide Street Art (with Map)

Adelaide CBD street art rear laneway Oxford Hotel

Adelaide street art murals are as good as you’ll find in any city in the world.

Go for a walk around the Adelaide CBD, near Hindley street and Rundle street, and I’m sure you’ll see amazing Adelaide street art murals.

I promise you Adelaide is abounding with creativity, as proven by what you’re about to see.

The best street art in the Adelaide CBD pays homage to rock gods and Australian culture. Then there are the truly bizarre street art murals.

I even show you 3D street art in Adelaide of a blue squid that looks absolutely incredible.

In Adelaide, you will see wacky street art ideas, quirky graffiti, weird murals, beautiful street art murals, and so on.

Explore Adelaide street art, and you will be amazed.

Where to find the best Adelaide street art

Adelaide Street Art Map

Street art on display around Adelaide that you see here will probably disappear one day, so in a way, I am immortalizing all of these street art murals on this site.

Below is an Adelaide street art map that will help you find your way around. The map doesn’t show you exactly where to go because half the fun is in finding them.

Adelaide CBD Street Art Map

Once I’ve convinced you that Adelaide street art is great, you may want to check them out for yourself. Let’s hope most of them stick around for as long as possible.

Hindley Street – Street Art

Hindley Street is always a top place to go and look around when it comes to finding the best Adelaide street art.

The road is a bit seedy, but that’s another reason to visit. Don’t worry too much about safety, especially during the day, because the University of South Australia has a campus on the same road. Adelaide is a very safe city generally, so everything will be cool.

A Ferrari on a side street, just off Hindley Street in the Adelaide CBD, drew my attention. So I decided to take the picture of the mural from this point of view.

The amazing Adelaide street art mural pays homage to the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Adelaide CBD best street art Hindley Street

Hindley street will show you the full spectrum of life. You will see young students, homeless people, and the super-rich.

In stark contrast to the Ferrari, here is an incredible car park wall decorated with a massive amount of tiny toy cars.

You can only see a small portion of the much larger wall in the pic. There must be thousands of toy cars stuck on the wall. I wonder where they found them all.

Car wall mural off Hindley Street Adelaide

You can find this amazing wall of toy cars on Rosina street, a side street off Hindley street.

Legal Graffiti Spot in Adelaide

I received a sign from Mercury, the God of travel, at this spot

This legal graffiti spot is under a bridge on North Terrace, on the corner of Morphett Street and North Terrace, just off Hindley street.

You’ll probably end up walking past the Mercury cinema to get to this spot if you’re walking along Hindley Street, from West Terrace towards Rundle Mall.

I talked to the artist Mese (pronounced Messy), who at the time I saw doing a mural of Freddie Mercury — the legendary singer from the rock band Queen.

Apparently, he had been inspired by the film Bohemian Rhapsody which he had just seen.

Adelaide street art under bridge

It is one of the coolest street art murals I have seen in Adelaide. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for very long on this wall.

A week or so later, I went back to check out the finished mural. I wanted to go back because Mese was still working on it when I was there, but by then, it had disappeared.

Someone had painted over it with something else that looked like garbage. Mercury had been covered with graffiti and a picture worthy of a five-year-old.

Many street artists and graffiti writers use this wall as a way to practice since it is the only legal graffiti and street art wall situated in the Adelaide CBD.

Every wall and post in the area is covered in graffiti and street art, and visually the place is ever-changing, so you never really know what you’re going to find under the bridge.

Luckily, the picture of Freddie Mercury is immortalized! I was meant to be there.

Guess what, I must have attracted the attention of Mercury (Hermes).

Mercury (Hermes), the messenger of the Gods, sure does work in mysterious ways.

Atlantis Adelaide Street Art

At some point, head over to Atlantis on Waymouth street. Of course, the Atlantis sign you see here will most likely disappear one day, but you never know.

Visiting this place in the Adelaide CBD brings to mind the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

Atlantis sign on building

A street art mural of the legendary Atlantis civilization can be found around the corner on Mellor Street.

How long Atlantis gets to stay in Adelaide is anyone’s guess.

Adelaide CBD street art mural of Atlantis

3D Street Art at Adelaide University

My favorite discovery of street art in Adelaide when walking around has to be this one.

Believe it or not, this giant blue squid mural is on totally flat ground. So it makes for a fantastic 3D illusion.

Adelaide University 3D Street Art

Next to the squid is a 3D mural of a flying bee and also a 3D painting of a satellite. They are also top 3D illusions but nowhere near as good as this one.

Rundle Street Art

The Hand of God mural is a standout on Rundle street. That’s Maradona, the famous football player on the right-hand side.

Adelaide CBD street art Vans the Omega God Mural

When I took this photo, I could hear a ball bouncing on Rundle Street. A kid was bouncing a basketball on the sidewalk. It was perfect timing!

It reminded me of Maradona’s famous Hand of God goal in the 1986 World Cup, which is what this mural is all about.

Allegory of Peace Painting on Building Wall

On the other side of the road, I came across this wall painting called Allegory of Peace.

Allegory of Peace Street Art

It is on a building wall, just off Rundle Street, and it’s relatively close to the Eros cafe, named after the Greek God of love.

Alien From E-Street Saturn

One of the most bizarre murals in Adelaide is known as Alien From E-Street Saturn. The name of it is just as weird as the street art.

Adelaide CBD best street art Alien From E Street Saturn

The three-story mural, painted by local artist Driller Jet Armstrong, can be seen on the side of a heritage building. You can see it at the intersection of Rundle Street and Frome Street.

It has been around since 1998 but has faded a lot in that time. Some of the original colors of the mural were very bright indeed, but not so when I took this picture.

The mural was created by adding more details to another earlier mural made in 1984.

In this weird Adelaide mural, there is a train that goes around the rings of Saturn, which isn’t very noticeable. You can see it in the top right-hand corner.

There’s a helicopter man, aliens kissing inside what seems to be a light bulb, and so much more. All of it together pretty much makes the whole artwork incomprehensible.

I wish I had taken a better night photo, as there was a full moon above the building mural on that particular night, but it doesn’t look so good.

You can see the moon as a circular blur of light above the fixed lights on top of the building.

Owl Mural

I came across an owl mural just off Rundle Street on the side of a building known as The Howling Owl. The venue describes itself as Adelaide’s premier gin den.

Howling Owl Mural Adelaide South Australia

Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, would probably appreciate this mural.


The most beautiful mural in Adelaide would have to be Orphelia in Vardon Avenue.

Best Adelaide street art Vardon Av

Vardon Avenue and the connecting Ebenezer Place is where you’ll find Hey Jupiter. It’s a great place to stop for a coffee and something to eat.

Weird Adelaide Street Art

Many talented street artists have created weird street art in Adelaide, and this mural on Anster Street would have to be one of them.

It reminds me of a futuristic cyclops from Greek mythology.

Adelaide Street Art Graffiti on Anster Street

You can find a wall covered in street art in a car park just off Hindley Street.

Walk into the laneway next to Jimmy Hendrix, and you can’t miss it.

Monkey mural on Adelaide car park wall

The monkey mural stands out.

Adelaide CBD Street Art (South Terrace area)

If you want to find more street art on the opposite side of town, head over to South Terrace.

Seeing a cool kangaroo mural is perfectly suited for a place like Australia.

Adelaide CBD street art mural kangaroo

This masterpiece is close to the Adelaide Himeji Japanese Garden on South Terrace.

It shows another beautiful world from another Universe.

Adelaide street art South Terrace space mural

The Dragon Wall Mural

The dragon wall, which rises against a car park wall, is imposing. The beauty about it is that the dragon reflects on the side of another building that has mirrored glass panels.

At a certain angle, it appears as though there are two dragon murals. It’s easy to see when you’re there, but it isn’t as easy to tell by looking at this photo.

Adelaide Street Art Dragon Mural on Carpark Wall

Order 55

This incredible wall mural in Gawler Place is by the Australian street artist “Order 55.”

Giant Adelaide Wall Mural Gawler Place

I was waiting for someone to walk past on quite a cold day, and not many people were walking my way. Finally, after about five minutes, I saw someone walking toward me.

Later on, when I looked at the photo, I noticed that both of them almost look like opposites, especially with what they’re doing with their right and left hands.

Maybe it’s a Yin and Yang thing. The girl’s blue jacket also matched the blue lady/alien mural color, so to me, it was the perfect shot.

Kent Town Street Art

If you are a fan of English rocker David Bowie, you should definitely go and see this eye-catching mural of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust in Adelaide.

Adelaide street art Kent Town David Bowie Mural

The David Bowie mural is plastered on a wall at The Maid Hotel in the car park, located at 1 Magill Road, Stepney. It is so worth visiting.

Okay, so this street art isn’t exactly in the Adelaide CBD, but you can walk there.

It will probably take you around 30 minutes. However, it’s probably a better idea to drive there or catch a bus there to see this fantastic mural of David Bowie.

I recommend it as a great way to end any street art walk in Adelaide.

I’ll always have fond memories of David Bowie for his role in the fantasy movie The Labyrinth. Such a classic!

If you’re wondering where the street art in the feature image appears showing the blue devil lady next to a smiling skull in a glass jar, it was taken in a rear laneway at the Oxford Hotel in North Adelaide.

If you ever wanted to go to Oxford but couldn’t, this is the place for you!

To see more awesome Adelaide street art, make sure you check out the Wonderwalls at Port Adelaide. It is where Cupid, the God of love, is hiding.

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Where to find the best Adelaide street art