Oh My Gods! Graphic Novel Series Review

Oh My Gods! Book

There is something special about Oh My Gods! — a graphic novel series about a young teenage girl. I found the first book to be an enjoyable read and one of the things I loved about it was the Percy Jackson feel to it.

I’d even say that this story would make Zeus himself give a burst of thunderous applause!

Imagine this: a young teenager named Karen, the ultimate gamer goddess, with fingers nimble as Hermes himself and a fiery passion for multiplayer games.

Then there is Karen’s mother. With a gleam in her wide eyes, she has a secret tucked away like a hidden treasure. The news she is about to give her daughter is so monumental, that it sends shockwaves through the very essence of Karen’s teenage soul!

Karen and her mother in Oh My Gods Graphic Novel

Without revealing the specific reason to you, Karen is compelled by the news to relocate and live with her father. However, she feels a profound sense of discontentment about it.

Karen doesn’t have much respect for her father. The other bad thing about making such a move to her father’s place is that she would have to leave her cherished friends behind.

Karen calls her father Zed, but as you can probably tell, it’s really Zeus, the king of the Gods.

Karen doesn’t seem to know much about her father. She doesn’t even know she is connected to the Olympian Gods. It’s sort of like Percy Jackson in the beginning but transferred to a story about a teenage girl.

Oh, the adventures she embarks on when she goes to live in Mount Olympus.

Oh My Gods! – Set in Mount Olympus

The story is mostly set in Mount Olympus. I guess you can tell where this is going to go, but let me tell you, this story has a very mysterious plot twist in it as well. It will surely keep you turning those pages over.

Mount Olympus – Oh My Gods!

Karen flies to Mount Olympus, which seems impossible in real life. I caught a train from Athens when climbing Mount Olympus in Greece, but you can fly directly to Mt. Olympus in the Oh My Gods graphic novel.

Karen flying to Mount Olympus

Whisked away to her father’s abode, Karen’s world morphs into a swirling vortex of fantastical characters and untold legends. This is where Karen will live when staying with her father in Mount Olympus. As you can see, Karen is a very lucky girl.

Zed Zeus Mount Olympus Home in Oh My Gods

This is where our tale takes a marvelous twist! Karen’s journey into the unknown starts to mirror that of a certain demigod named Percy Jackson. Cue the lightning bolts and booming thunder!

As Karen begrudgingly adapts to her new surroundings, her life is about to undergo a mythological metamorphosis.

Olympus High School

Living in Mount Olympus means that Karen has to go to school in Olympus. Oh yes, Karen has to keep on learning. There she meets Apollo, who goes by the name Pol.

Apollo in Oh My Gods

As she walks through the school hallway, Karen also notices a female centaur — a half-female, half-horse. At this stage, Karen still has no idea how special she is.

Female Centaur in Oh My Gods

Karen even has to train in archery for PE, and who else better to teach her than Artemis?

Artemis teaching Karen Archery

Oh My Gods! The Big Mystery

The story gets very interesting when Karen and her friend spot a student in the library who has been turned to stone. Looks like something Medusa would do, but no one has seen her for eons.

Student turned to stone in Oh My Gods Book

Prepare for a mind-bending investigation like no other! As you dive into the pages of “Oh My Gods,” the burning question looms: Will Karen help unravel the mysteries of this case?

You will find a very unexpected twist when reading Oh My Gods! The book also contains a feel-good lesson in it. For that reason, I give it two thumbs up!

Oh My Gods! 2: The Forgotten Maze Graphic Novel 

I also plan on reading the second book in the Oh My Gods book series, and I’ll be sure to write about it afterward. For now, I have to say, I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Oh My Gods!: 2: The Forgotten Maze is alluded to at the end of Oh My Gods!: Book 1. That’s because there was a scene in book 1 at the end where you saw what looked like a minotaur priest.

I think Book 2 of Oh My Gods will be even more mysterious than Book 1.

Oh My Gods! Review Rating

I give Oh My Gods! (Book 1), a book rating of 7/10.

Oh My Gods! 2: The Forgotten Mazz, a book rating of ?? (still to come).

I highly recommend checking out Oh My Gods!

Stephanie Cooke and Insha Fitzpatrick wrote book one of Oh My Gods! The art is by Juliana Moon. A job well done!

Check pricing and availability: Oh My Gods!

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Oh My Gods Graphic Novel Series Review