ARES & APHRODITE: Love Wars (Lawyer Romance)

Ares and Aphrodite Graphic Novel

Ares & Aphrodite graphic novel pits the God of war (Ares) against the Goddess of love in a battle for supremacy. In this unusual graphic novel with Greek God name associations, the unexpected catalyst for putting Ares and Aphrodite together is DIVORCE!

So this book isn’t just a sappy feel-good lawyer romance. Oh no, this is a battle royale, with arrows flying, Gods screaming, and the fate of Olympus hanging in the balance. Okay, the truth is way less exciting than this description, but Ares & Aphrodite still has tiny Greek mythology themes.

Ah, the eternal struggle between love and war. Lawyers are no stranger to the art of negotiation, but how do they operate when they have to navigate the treacherous waters of divine romance? If you’re a lawyer, you probably already know that the key to success is understanding the motivations and desires of your opponents. And what better way to gain insight into the human (and divine) heart than through a tale of star-crossed lovers?

What can readers expect when they delve into Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars? For some, this graphic novel will be an amusing ride, full of drama and romance. For others, it will be a lighthearted way to spend an hour or two.

Lawyers burn in Hell car scene

Ares & Aphrodite: Greek Myth Associations

Some of you may still be thinking that the title “Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars” implies a classical mythology-inspired narrative, given the presence of Ares and Aphrodite as Gods in Greek mythology.

However, this assumption is largely unfounded, as the “Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars” connection to ancient mythology is superficial at best. Notably, the inclusion of Goddess of Love weddings stands out as an exception, as Aphrodite is indeed the Goddess of love in Greek mythology.

Ares at Goddess of Love Weddings

Even with the title ‘Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars’ readers won’t be reading about the Goddess of Love. Just as the God of War, Ares, is absent from this story, Aphrodite doesn’t make an appearance either. Instead, you’ll find a modern-day divorce lawyer (Mr Ares) and a wedding planner channeling their fiery spirits.

Ares & Aphrodite: Graphic Novel Review

Will Ares, a sharp and seasoned divorce lawyer, was unprepared for the unexpected twist his career took when he was thrust into the world of wedding planning. His firm’s latest clients, Evans Beatty, a successful movie producer, and Carrie Cartwright, a Hollywood starlet, were planning to tie the knot, and their elaborate wedding demands required a unique blend of legal expertise and creative flair. That’s where Gigi Averelle, a talented wedding planner with a keen eye for detail, entered the picture.

As the big day approaches, however, Beatty’s ex-wives begin to emerge from the shadows, causing chaos and drama. Amidst the chaos, Gigi Averelle and Will Ares make a wager: if Evans and Carrie really do go through with the wedding, Gigi will go on a date with Ares.

Ares and Aphrodite on a date

But if they break up, Ares must take out a full-page newspaper ad revealing the number of marriages he’s helped to ruin. As the stakes grow higher, Ares must confront whether he’s willing to risk his reputation for love. Does this unlikely pairing lead to a beautiful relationship, or is Ares simply playing with fire?

Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars is a captivating and unique take on the modern dating world. It blends drama and romance in an interesting way. One of the standout aspects of ‘Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars’ is its exploration of the nature of love and war. Rich delves into the complexities of strong emotions!

Ares the Asshole

Characters in Ares & Aphrodite

The story raises thought-provoking questions about the consequences of our actions and the true meaning of power. You will find some witty banter and clever dialogue in the pages, as Ares and Gigi (Aphrodite?) navigate their complicated feelings for each other.


The characters are okay, but I personally didn’t find any of them particularly endearing. However, Ares’ sharp edges and Gigi’s free-spirited nature make for a compelling contrast, so where will this romance go? If you want to find out, you’ll have to read the book.

Ares and Aphrodite by Jamie S. Rich

Ares and Aphrodite graphic novel by Jamie S. Rich reminded me of the sizzling graphic novel, Sunburn by Andi Watson and Simon Gane. Both tales weave together mythological intrigue, passionate relationships, and juicy conflicts, setting the stage for an interesting exploration of the human heart.

If you’re pining for a Greek island vacation, then Sunburn is the better graphic novel to read. I mean, who doesn’t want to escape to a Greek island? On the other hand, if you’re more of a ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ or if you are a lawyer yourself, or dreaming of becoming one, then Ares & Aphrodite” Love Wars might be your best choice.

Ares & Aphrodite Rating: 5/10

The title had me hooked, but it did not deliver on its promise. A better suited title may have been Ares & Aphrodite: A Disappointing Match.

The intriguing title looked like it promised a tantalizing modern-day love story involving Ares (Roman: Mars) and Aphrodite (Roman: Venus). Alas, the story failed to deliver on its promise, leaving me feeling underwhelmed and unsatisfied. The execution was lacking, with underdeveloped characters and a plot that lacked depth and tension. The usually fiery and passionate Ares and Aphrodite seemed to coast through the story without any real conflict or emotional resonance.

The result was a lukewarm tale that failed to leave a lasting impression. While the premise had potential, the execution fell short, leaving me to wonder what could have been. If you’re looking for a compelling tale of the Gods and Goddesses, forget about this book – unless you have a connection with the LAW. A much better option is the graphic novel PSYCHE and EROS.

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Ares and Aphrodite Love Wars