A Kim Kardashian Comic Strip: Love Story

Kim Kardashian Comic Love Story

Kim Kardashian talking to Greek Gods Athena and Hermes while relaxing in a hotel pool

Beautiful Kim Kardashian in bed daydreaming of Zeus and Apollo

Kim Kardashian with Greek God Hermes in final Comic Scene

Kim Kardashian Comic: Based on her Love Life

You have just seen a Kim Kardashian comic based on her love life. Let’s face it, her love life is a veritable soap opera, full of twists, turns, and tantalizing tidbits. Let’s now have a recap of the fascinating world of Kim’s romantic exploits, shall we?

Things sort of began with Damon Thomas, the music producer who married Kim in 2000. But alas, their union was short-lived, and they divorced in 2004. This marked the beginning of Kim’s journey as a serial dater, and she would go on to romance several high-profile men.

Next up was Reggie Bush, the NFL running back who captured Kim’s heart in 2007. Their relationship was steamy, with reports of romance-filled vacations and hot dates. But it was not meant to be, and they parted ways in 2010.

Kim Kardashian loves Kanye West (NOT!)

After Reggie, Kim’s love life took a dramatic turn. She met Kanye West, the enigmatic rapper and fashion mogul, in 2008. The two started dating in 2012, and the rest is history – they got married in 2014 and had four beautiful kids together. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing as they faced numerous challenges, including rumors of infidelity and feuds with other celebrities. But even amidst her high-profile marriage, Kim couldn’t help but spark romance rumors with other men.

In 2018, she started dating rapper Drake, but the two kept things hush-hush. Then came Pete Davidson, the comedian and actor who caught Kim’s eye in 2021. Their whirlwind romance sent shockwaves through the media, with many speculating about their relationship status.

Kim’s divorce from Kanye West was finalized on Nov. 29, 2022.

And on it goes… so there you have it – a thrilling tale of love, heartbreak, and intrigue from the world of Kim Kardashian. Who knows what the future holds for this siren of the spotlight? One thing is certain: lots of people will be watching her every move with bated breath! The big question about Kim Kardashian is whether her legend status will survive a hundred years from now.

Kim Kardashian and the Greek Gods

Now, what is the likelihood that Kim Kardashian would also be very keen on hooking up with a Greek God? Okay, sure, Hermes may not be her ideal guy/God, but does anyone believe that Kim Kardashian would ever turn down Zeus or Apollo? I think not!

While Kim Kardashian may not have direct connections to the ancient Greek Gods, she has certainly borrowed some of their iconic imagery and themes to enhance her brand and persona. Here are a few examples:

The Kardashians’ Family Crest

The reality TV family’s logo features a crest with an owl, a symbol often associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. The owl is also a nod to the family’s “wise” and all-knowing reputation.d

Goddess-like Portrayals

Kim Kardashian has often been depicted as a Goddess in various forms of media, from magazine covers to social media campaigns. Her statuesque figure, curvaceous physique, and bold beauty have led to comparisons with goddesses like Aphrodite (the Goddess of love) and Athena.

Kardashian Myths and Symbolism

Kim has incorporated mythological symbols and themes into her branding and aesthetic. For example, her makeup line features a range of “Kardashian Kolors” inspired by the Greek concept of the four humors (blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm). Her makeup tutorials often feature her “Klasic Kolor” palettes, which include shades like “Aphrodite’s Blush” and “Athena’s Eye.” Okay, I haven’t verified this, but it sounds very plausible.

Goddess-Inspired Fashion

Kim has worn numerous outfits inspired by Greek mythology, including gowns featuring owl motifs, laurel wreaths, and other nods to ancient Greek fashion. Her fashion choices often evoke the Goddesses of Greek mythology, as seen in her iconic looks on the red carpet.

Olympian Features

Kim has been known to flaunt her physical attributes, often likening herself to the gods and goddesses of Olympus. In 2019, she posted a selfie on Instagram captioned “Mythical,” which featured her stunning physique and was reminiscent of ancient Greek art depicting the Gods.

Kim Kardashian: The Goddess of Social Media

Let’s get this Olympian party started!

Kim Kardashian: the Goddess of self-promotion, has borrowed a few (dozen) ideas from the Greek Gods to make her brand sparkle like a laurel wreath on Mount Olympus.

Think of it: Athena’s wisdom, Aphrodite’s love, and a dash of Poseidon’s dramatic flair – all mixed into a Kardashian cocktail! By incorporating elements of Greek mythology into her aesthetic and marketing strategies, Kim has created a sense of mystique and allure around herself.

It’s like she’s saying, “Hey, I’m not just a reality TV star, I’m a Goddess! Worship me!” (Just kidding, Kim, you’re already worshipped by your fans). So, if you ever see Kim strutting around in an owl-printed outfit or sporting a laurel wreath headband, just remember: it’s all part of her plan to become the ultimate Greek Goddess of social media!

Now that I think about it, maybe I should have included Kim Kardashian in 14 Beautiful Actresses or Goddesses? After all, she has starred in her own reality TV show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007-2021).

Kim Kardashian Comic: Gods and Mortals Comic 13

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And that’s a wrap! Or should I say, that’s a Kardash? I hope you LOL’d so hard you spilled your coffee (just like Kim’s Instagram followers do daily).

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Kim Kardashian Comic Strip Gods and Mortals