30 Best Brands with Greek Mythology Logos & Names

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Would it be crazy to believe that brands inspired by Greek mythology use Greek mythology logos and names in the hope that they will summon the power of the Greek Gods?

Money, prestige, and fame will then follow. Well, if you find that hard to believe, you will most likely have a change of opinion after you see all of these amazing brands.

Greek myth-based brands can be found everywhere, from small businesses to large companies, from consumer products to famous car companies.

Some of the most famous brands in the world today have taken their name straight out of Greek mythology—car companies, computer companies, food businesses, and on and on.

There are brands named after the Greek Gods and brands linked to various names in Greek mythology.

Businesses and products use Greek mythology logos to attract attention even without having a name associated with Greek mythology.

For example, the logo could be a trident, such as the striking logo used on Maserati luxury vehicles. A trident even appears on labels for sauce bottles, as you will soon see.

Some of the best companies in the world make use of Greek mythology. The big one, of course, is Nike!

Top Greek Mythology Logos and Brands

This list will show you some of the best brands named after Greek Gods and top brands with Greek mythology logos, both past, and present.

So let’s get into it. Here are 30 of the best brands with Greek mythology logos & names that I could muster up.

1. Goodyear

The winged foot logo you can see between Good Year is actually the winged foot of Hermes, the Greek God of travelers.

Good Year Tyres Sign Logo

Goodyear is a multi-national tire company, so why did they choose a Greek mythology logo based on Hermes (Mercury)?

Most probably because Hermes is also a God of speed and swiftness.

Hermes delivered messages on behalf of Zeus, so Hermes is very dependable, just like everyone wants their tires to be.

This logo dates back to a statue found in the stately home of the Seiberling family. The statue depicted the Greek God Hermes (“Mercury” to the Romans), which aligned with what Goodyear stood for, according to Seiberling.

Goodyear even invented vulcanized rubber. He called his invention “Vulcanus” after the Roman God of the Fire, Vulcan.

2. Ajax

Ajax was one of the heroes in Greek mythology who took part in the Trojan war. He was considered second only to the Greek hero Achilles in strength and bravery.

Today, the Greek warrior has a grime cleaner named after him.

Brands influenced by Greek Mythology Ajax

Ajax is a very well-known brand of household cleaning products.

Stronger than dirt! That’s the slogan originally used for the Ajax Laundry Detergent during the early 1960s.

In advertisements to deceive and confuse everyone regarding Ajax’s Greek mythology name, they even had an armed knight riding a white horse.

3. Golden Fleece

Jason and the Argonauts went in search of the mysterious Golden Fleece in Greek mythology.

Golden Fleece Australian brand of petroleum products and service stations

In Australia, all you had to do to find the Golden Fleece was pull up next to a Golden Fleece petrol pump. Quest over!

Golden Fleece was an Australian brand of petroleum products and service stations. It was founded in 1893, though later in 1981, it was taken over by Caltex service stations.

The golden merino, which is a breed of domestic sheep, stood out a mile away.

4. Venus

Having a brand named after a Greek Goddess is a no-brainer. So when a useful product is named after Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, it’s going to attract quite a bit of attention, especially from women.

Gillette Venus womens razors Brand

The Venus brand went by the slogan: Reveal the goddess in you.

5. Mobil

Pegasus is the flying horse from Greek mythology.

Pegasus Logo Brand Sign Mobil

Mobil most probably went with the Pegasus logo because Pegasus could take you anywhere, the same as today’s cars, boats, and planes.

All you need is the fuel and a vehicle to take you there.

6. Pandora

Pandora is the “all-gifted” woman in Greek mythology. She also happens to be the first human woman created by Hephaestus on the instructions of Zeus.

Pandora shop

It’s no wonder this jewelry brand is so famous. Every woman out there wants a ring on their finger at one point. And linking it with Zeus makes good sense.

7. Olympic Games

The Olympic Games began in ancient Greece, so the Olympic flame lighting ceremony always starts at the archaeological site at Olympia, in the western part of the Peloponnese.

Brands influenced by Greek Mythology Olympic Games

The original interlocking rings of the Olympic logo each represent the five continents: Africa, Asia, America, Australia, and Europe.

8. Maserati

If you’re thinking about car companies named after Greek Gods, you have to think of Maserati.

Maserati car and trident logo

The beauty about this luxury car company is that it has a trident as its logo.

This three-pronged spear was often held by Poseidon (Neptune), God of the sea.

It seems strange to have something associated with the sea as a logo for a land-based vehicle, but I think most would agree that it is very memorable.

9. Trojan Condoms

The Trojan war had it all, including Helen of Troy, a wooden horse, and Cassandra.

Brands Greek Mythology Trojan condoms

The condom brand is obviously trying to keep a Trojan safe behind a wall of rubber.

Or could it be that the consumer product brand is doing its best to stop the Greeks from getting inside the impenetrable walls?

10. Mercury car

Hermes, otherwise known as Mercury, is a Greek and Roman God.

Mercury is a brand of Ford that was in existence for 70 years. Ford ended the production of the model in 2010, but it could come back one day.

The first Mercury logo was a side profile of the Greek God wearing his iconic winged hat.

First Mercury Logo Side view of Roman God

The name Mercury probably came about due to the success of the Lincoln Zephyr–named after the god of wind–a few years earlier. Zephyr also had Greek myth associations.

11. Nike

The most famous sporting brand of all time is named after Nike, the Greek Goddess of victory.

Nike Brand Logo

Phil Knight founded Nike in the 60s.

Incredibly, the famous logo is one of the cheapest designs of all time considering the huge payback, as he only paid $35 for the famous Nike swoosh logo.

It came about after the graphic designer, Carolyn Davidson in 1971, conceptualized the wings of the Greek Goddess while combining it with movement.

Before Nike, it was called “Blue Ribbon Sports,” which proves that rebranding to the name of a Greek Goddess can perform miracles.

12. Olympus Camera

The twelve Greek Gods were said to live on Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. This is where a lot of the magic happened.

Brands named after Greek Mythology Olympus Camera

The camera brand “Olympus” was named after this mountain to reflect its strong aspiration to create high-quality, world-famous products.

Olympus would go on to illuminate the world with its optical devices.

13. NASA Apollo 13 Mission

The Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell sketched the Greek God Apollo driving his chariot across the sky while dragging the Sun.

apollo 13 mission patch logoHe then gave the idea to another artist, who came up with the three-horse design. It symbolized Apollo riding across the sky towards the Moon.

Lovell included the Latin words, Ex Luna Scientia – meaning “From the Moon, knowledge” to emphasize science was an important part of Apollo 13.

This phrase is a parody of the U.S Naval Academy’s motto, Ex trident, Scientia – “From the sea, knowledge.”

14. Versace

Medusa was the snake-haired Gorgon who turned anyone who dared to look at her hideous face into stone.

Versace Brand Logo Medusa Head

Versace did the unthinkable by turning the face of Medusa into a logo and a luxury fashion company brand, as well as a money-making machine.

It just goes to show that anything related to Greek mythology can make you an absolute fortune.

Though it didn’t end very well for Giovanni Maria Versace, the founder of Versace, since he was shot and killed outside his Miami Beach mansion at the age of 50.

15. Atlassian

Atlas, the Titan, held up the heavens in Greek mythology.

Atlassian Logos Based on the myth of Atlas

Atlassian is an incredibly wealthy software company that started in the land down under in Australia.

The company name uses the word Atlas in it, plus the company logo also symbolized the Greek myth of Atlas in a simple way.

The company’s new logo looks more like the letter “A,” which you can see on the right.

16. Starbucks

Sirens from Greek mythology lured sailors to their death.

Logos influenced by Greek Mythology Starbucks

The Starbucks logo has been confirmed as a siren by Starbucks. Details about the siren logo have been taken from Starbucks’s Stories & News website. Here’s an extract:

The siren is like a super mermaid. A mermaid with one tail is just a plain ol’ mermaid. (Sorry, Ariel.) But a siren is often depicted with two tails. She might seem like an unusual choice for the face of a coffee company. But there’s a pretty interesting backstory as to how and why the siren came to be.

17. Medical Logo (Caduceus) – The symbol of Medicine

The Caduceus is in the staff of Mercury, the Roman god of liars. I’m not sure I agree with this.

Medical institutions around the world use the Caduceus as their logo and symbol.

The logo has two snakes twirled around a staff, and at the top of the staff are wings.

Caduceus Medical Symbol

These days the Caduceus is more of a symbol for deceit, profit, and corporate greed.

The medical establishment probably began using it due to a big mix-up, unless they really are liars?

It supposedly happened because the Caduceus looks very similar to the rod of Asclepius, which is the true symbol for the god of medicine.

Many medical practitioners obviously didn’t care enough to correct the error because it is still widely used today.

18. Mercury Marine

Not sure how Mercury became a brand for the sea, but it must have paid off for Mercury Marine.

Mercury Marine Logo and Signs

Mercury Marine is best known for its outboard motors for boats.

19. Orion Pictures

In Greek mythology, Orion boasted to the goddess Artemis and her mother Leto that he could kill any beast on earth.

After hearing this, the Earth Goddess was outraged, so she sent Orion a scorpion, which stung the giant to death.

Orion Logo Film Brand

Orion Picture is one of many film companies with logos based on Greek mythology.

20. Poseidon Nickel Limited

The most famous symbol of Poseidon is the trident, the three-pronged spear.

Poseidon Nickel Logo

Poseidon Nickel uses a logo that brings to mind the trident.

The original Australian company has a fascinating back story known as the Poseidon Bubble. This story is legendary in financial circles.

Poseidon was a legendary stock, which rose to an unbelievably high price, and then later spectacularly crashed.

21. Amazon

The Amazons were fierce warrior women from Greek mythology.

Amazon Brand Logo

These days Amazon is one of the most feared companies in the world.

22. Hermes

The famous fashion brand is named after Hermes, a Greek God. If the company was really named after the owner with the same name, then the owner was named after Hermes. So it all comes back to Hermes, a Greek God.

Brands with Greek Mythology Secrets Hermes Paris

The brand is most well known for its luxurious handbags.

23. Prometheus Entertainment

This entertainment brand is based on the Greek myth of Prometheus. You can even see a flame rising above the letter “M.”

Prometheus gave fire to the people, whereas this brand brought entertainment to the people.

Prometheus Entertainment

The bizarre TV documentary series “Ancient Aliens” is produced by Prometheus Entertainment.

24. Trident Foods

Here’s another logo based on Poseidon’s trident.

Food Brands Trident Sauce

The company has a range of Asian products, including wok-inspired meals and sauce.

25. Asus

Believe it or not, ASUS is derived from Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology.

Asus computer Brand

The “ASUS” logo is even meant to be shaped like Pegasus.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus symbolized wisdom and knowledge.

26. Midas

Everything that King Midas touched turned to gold in Greek mythology.

Midas Logo Sign Greek Mythology

Midas is a huge chain of automotive service centers.

At one time, the Midas brand logo displayed a black king’s crown on it, but these days it makes use of a circle, which I assume more closely alludes to the Midas touch.

27. Subaru

Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster.

In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were companions of Artemis. They were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione born on Mount Cyllene.

Greek Mythology based Brand Subaru

The name also inspired the Subaru logo, but only six stars are shown on the logo for some strange reason.

28. Perseus Books Group

Perseus is most famous for slaying the head of Medusa, the snake-haired Gorgon.

The Perseus Books Group Brand LogoIt makes sense that a book company would want to use his name because the myth of Perseus is one of the best stories in Greek mythology.

29. Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD)

When you’d like to send flowers to someone, who better to use than Hermes?

FTD Logo showing Greek God Hermes

30. Aegean Airline

The airline’s brand name comes from the name of Aegeus, who in Greek mythology played a part in sending Athenians to the labyrinth in Crete, where most of them were tragically slaughtered by the monstrous half-man half-bull Minotaur.

It is also how the name of the Aegean Sea came about.

Aegean Airlines
Image credit: George Kokkinidis-GR – Wikimedia Commons

In Greece, the largest Greek airline is Aegean Airlines.

More brands influenced by Greek Mythology

Here are a few more brands that almost made it into the main list of 30 Best Brands with Greek Mythology Logos and Names.

  • Oracle – a global leader in enterprise software and IT solutions. Pythia, the famed priestess to Apollo at Delphi, was the most famous oracle in ancient Greece.
  • Olympic Air – started when the former Greek national carrier Olympic Airlines (1957-2009) became a subsidiary of the Greek carrier Aegean Airlines.
  • Trident gum – a chewing gum that takes its name from the three-pronged spear of Poseidon (Neptune), God of the sea.
  • Lotus Cars – Could this famous car brand be named after the Lotus-Eaters?
  • NBC – uses a peacock as its logo. The peacock is associated with Hera, as most fans of the classic TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys would know.
  • Apollo Theater – a famous music hall in New York City. The Apollo in London is well known for its live comedy shows.
  • Honda Odyssey – a larger passenger capacity vehicle. Named after the Greek hero Odysseus and his famous ten-year-long journey (odyssey) home.
  • Pandora (music streaming service) – The name Pandora means “all gifted” in Greek. She even received the gift of music from Apollo.

Lesser known brands with Greek mythology names

  • Apollo Campervan & Motorhome Hire – Australia’s largest fleet of motorhomes.
  • Elysium Hotel – a top hotel on the island of Mykonos. In Greek mythology, Elysium was considered to be a playground of the Greek Gods.
  • Triton International – the world’s largest container leasing company.
  • Ambrosia Foods – a business based in Greece, which goes by the slogan, Taste the Land of Myth. They love extra virgin olive oil.
  • Athena Home Loans – an online home loan company that went on an adverting blitz in Australia. On their FAQ website page, they explain their name: So…who is Athena? Athena… daughter of Zeus, patron of heroic endeavor, mother of wisdom and freedom, legendary loan warrior and Game-Changing Goddess of Good Stuff.
  • Tennessee Titans – a team that plays in the NFL in the United States.
  • Sagrotan – the Greek goddess Hygieia is used to represent health and well-being for a disinfectant brand.
  • Hyperion – a book publishing company.
  • Cerberus Capital Management – the largest private equity firm in the US. The company’s name comes from the giant three-headed dog in Greek mythology, which guarded the entrance to Hades.

Greek Mythology Brands – Conclusion

There you have it, a great collection of brands named after Greek Gods, including brands named after a range of Greek mythology stories.

Some of the brands shown here only use Greek mythology logos, but whatever you see in names or symbols, all of them are meant to remind you of the power of Greek mythology at the end of the day.

Keep in mind, there are hundreds of other brands with Greek mythology names and logos in existence.

I really wonder whether some of these brands would have made it so big if they didn’t choose a Greek mythology logo or name.

Here are some more allusions to Greek mythology if you are interested.

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30 Best Brands with Greek Mythology Logos and Names