33 Movies with Messages from Greek Gods

Movies Messages Greek Gods

What, the Greek Gods are sending messages in movies? Yes, that’s correct.

From Hermes to Poseidon, Apollo to Dionysus, the Greek Gods and Goddesses have often sent important messages in movies, in many cases secretly so that only a few devotees are aware.

Ever since cinema began, the Greek Gods and Goddesses have been sending messages to their followers and admirers through movies.

Messages from the Greek Gods started coming through with L’Inferno (1911) and Night Life of the Gods (1935), and they’ve been coming ever since.

There are plenty of movies with messages from Greek Gods, and to verify it, I have collated this excellent list of secret/hidden messages sent by the Greek Gods via the medium of film.

Greek God messages in movies shown here can be reasonably complex to interpret, such as the incredible message revealed in the secret meaning of the movie Grease.

However, there are also many straightforward messages from the Greek Gods in movies, as you’ll soon find out.

Movies with Messages from Greek Gods

Plenty of movies with messages from the Greek Gods exist. The tricky part is that some of these movie messages are pretty complicated to decipher.

Hermes has sent cryptic messages in movies, as have other Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Poseidon, God of the sea, likes to send messages through sea voyage movies, often choosing to do so via disaster films.

Now let’s try and uncover what the Greek Gods and Goddesses are secretly saying in movies.

Escape to Victory (1981) 

One of the most important Greek God messages captured in film has to be from the movie Escape to Victory (1981) given by the messenger of the Gods, Hermes (known as Mercury by the Romans). It offers a lot of hope to the oppressed.

The movie Escape to Victory (aka Victory) focuses on Hermes, the messenger of the Greek Gods.

His mission on earth is to assist a group of captured football players in escaping from a hellish Nazi prisoner of war camp during World War II.

As you can see from the picture below, Hermes (Mercury), played by Sylvester Stallone, is the good God, while the Nazis are evil-doers.

Escape to Victory Hermes Sign

In this scene, he is giving an important message. You will have to see the movie to appreciate what I mean.

Greek God movie message: Always side with Hermes (Mercury) and the Olympian Gods.

The Producers (1967)

For Greek Gods sake, never put your hand off Mercury’s (Hermes) ass. It is such a disrespectful way to treat a Greek God.

The Producers Hand On Mercury

Greek God movie message: Never show any disrespect toward Hermes (Mercury), or the punishment could be very severe.

Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

In Revenge of the Nerds, the guys show up at the Greek Council with a Greek God in the background.

Revenge of the Nerds at the Greek Council

Greek God movie message: If a Greek God backs you, you can’t lose.

Rocky (1976)

In this great film, Rocky fights against Apollo Creed. Most people love a good underdog story, so everyone was cheering for Rocky to win.

Statue of Roman God Rocky

Greek God movie message: Apollo, God of light, could give you a great opportunity but you may have to fight for it. Take a look at Sylvester Stallone.

National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)

Dionysus goes to College and runs amuck while teaching students some important lessons.

One of the most important lessons taught by Dionysus is that if you want a good chance of rising to the top, you have to follow the Greek Gods.

Animal House Dionysus

Greek God movie message: You will rise and fall by the power of the Greek Gods.

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guatameno Bay (2008)

Stay on friendly terms with Greek Gods because it could come in handy if you ever find yourself in big trouble.

Greek God Partying

Secret message in the movie: The Greek Gods are the coolest. The wisest thing to do is to try and be their friend.

O’Brother, Where Art Though? (2000)

Odysseus rejects Christianity, preferring to stick with the Greek Gods, and he goes on another adventurous Greek odyssey to prove it.

In this impressive chain gang Mississippi tale based on the ancient classic Greek myth, Odysseus must resist the sirens, and he also has to outwit the cyclops, once again.

George Clooney O Brother Odysseus

Hidden message in the movie: George Clooney could be a Greek God.

From Hell (2001)

You needed to pay Charon, the ferryman of Hades if you wanted your soul carried to the other side after death.

From Hell Johnny Depp

Hidden message in the movie: People believe in the River Styx and the Greek Gods. They still do.

Dead Calm (1989)

The actor Billy Zane’s nightmarish ship in the movie Dead Calm was called Orpheus.

Orpheus Ship in Dead Calm Movie

In Greek mythology, Orpheus was a master musician. He was also famously a member of the Argonauts who sailed on the epic quest to find the Golden Fleece.

Ancient Greek mythology tells us that when the Argonauts sailed close to the Sirens, Orpheus played his lyre more beautifully than their Siren song.

As a result, none of the crew were tempted to jump overboard to be with the Sirens, which saved all of them.

In the thriller Dead Calm, Siren-like statues were found within the ship named Orpheus.

Movie message from the Greek Gods: Remember Orpheus and how he beat the Sirens.

Vanishing Point (1971)

Cupid Productions presents Vanishing Point. Notice how it’s a Cupid (Eros) Production.

A man driving a 1970 white supercharged Dodge Challenger R/T leaves Argo’s Car Delivery Centre on a road trip like no other.

Argo was the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed on their quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology. The snake scene in the film reveals all.

“The last American Hero …. the demigod, the super-driver of the golden west”

~ Super Soul – Blind Radio DJ ~

Hidden movie message: The movie is very difficult to interpret. It’s pretty deep. I can’t really say.

Gladiator (2000)

In Roman times, Heaven was known as the Elysian Fields.

Hidden movie message: The Greek Gods rule heaven.

Scarface (1983)

Olympians, the Universe and Paradise is yours!

Secret movie message: The highest Gods are the Greek Gods. Don’t fall for anyone else.

Videodrome (1983)

Never insult Apollo or Dionysus as second-rate.

Greek God movie message: Don’t insult the Greek Gods. It isn’t worth it.

The Beach (2000)

Hermes, the Greek God of travelers among quite a few other titles, has the ability to direct you to paradise.

Greek God movie message: Hermes can lead you to paradise.

Triangle (2009)

Greek mythology looks pretty frightening in this case. Who thought this one up? It is scary stuff.

This horror movie is based on the Greek myth of Sisyphus, who was condemned to roll a massive rock up a hill.

The rock would then roll down the hill, so he had to push it up again, over and over again.

This is the type of punishment the Greek Gods can dish out.

Greek God movie message: Don’t ever mess with the Greek Gods and especially Zeus.

The Warriors (1979)

A street gang is forced to fight for their life on a perilous odyssey home after they’ve angered the gods.

Hidden movie message: You’d better hope in the end that you’re in the good books with the Greek Gods.

National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation (1997)

Secret Message: The Greek Gods can reverse your fortune in no time.

The Picture of Dorian Grey (1945)

Greek God movie message: Be very wary of insulting a Greek God, doubly so when they’re in the same room as you.

Risky Business (1983)

Hidden Message: A Greek siren can give birth to the prince of business.

Agora (2009)

A Greek Goddess challenges ignorant evil.

Top movie message: Immortal Goddesses exist, you ignorant idiots! You’ll see.

Movies with Messages from Poseidon, God of the Sea

Time Bandits (1981)

Be careful when bagging ancient Greece, especially when you’re on water (Poseidon’s domain), or it could sink you much faster than you’d ever think possible.

Poseidon Sinks Ship in Time Bandits

Secret movie message from Poseidon: Time will show you that the Greek Gods are the masters. Watch your mouth.

The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

Poseidon, God of the sea, decides to show his mighty power by overruling Christ, as the ship makes its way to Greece.

The Poseidon Adventure Christmas tree scene

Secret message: Poseidon is sick and tired of Christ.

Poseidon (2006)

A remake of the film, The Poseidon Adventure, so you don’t forget that Poseidon rules the seas.

Poseidon ship in movie

Titanic (1997)

Poseidon, God of the sea, imprisons a gigantic Titan on the ocean floor to let mankind know that the Greek Gods still rule the world behind the scenes.

This is why Billy Zane, the villain in the movie had to be of Greek descent.

Movie’s hidden message: Never forget that Poseidon (Neptune) rules the sea.

Orlando (1992)

Neptune, God of the sea, …

Orlando Movie Scene with Poseidon Neptune

More Hidden Messages from Greek Gods

Moonraker (1979): James Bond flies with Apollo Airways before going to the moon. You can trust Apollo.

Battlestar Galactica (1978): Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Athena are good.

2:22 (2017) – Mercury (Hermes) is the God of travelers.

The Ruins (2008): Greek guys will know what I’m talking about.

Greek God Message Interpretations

Just so you know, in some cases, I have interpreted messages sent by Greek Gods in movies using intuition.

You may have other ideas, so feel free to share them in the comment below.

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Movies with Messages from Greek Gods