30 Best Foreign Language Films (Classics)

Best Foreign Language Movies

The best foreign language movies shown here are some of the most beautiful works of art ever created. Everyone has different tastes but even so, there’s something here for every sophisticated movie fan. Many of these movies will stick in your mind long after seeing them.

Some of these foreign movies offer powerful metaphors in regard to life, while others offer pure escapism. All of these foreign movies are very entertaining at the very least. Many of these films are very unpredictable as they’re totally unique. If the foreign movie title doesn’t ring a bell straight away when you see the movie title, then do yourself a huge favour and watch the masterpiece.

Italy – Best Foreign Language Movies

1. Swept Away (1974)

2. Life is beautiful (1997)
3. Bicycle Thieves (1948)
4. The Postman (1994) – After you watch this movie do some research on the main actor.
5. Malena (2000)
6. Mediterraneo (1991)
7. Cinema Paradiso (1998)
8. Pinocchio (2002) – I really like this fantasy movie. It’s not that suitable for kids, more for kids at heart. My recommendation is to watch it in Italian, with English subtitles.

Best Foreign Language Movies Pinocchio

The English dubbed version is terrible. It’s so much more enjoyable listening to it in Italian.

France – Best Foreign Language Movies

9. The Closet (2001) – This is the the most amusing foreign film comedy I’ve ever seen. What genius. Great work!

10. The Artist (2011) – A silent movie classic made in modern times. It won best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.
11. Jean De Florette (1986)
12. Beauty and the Beast (1946)
13. Cyrano De Bergerac (1990)
14. Mesrine: Killer Instinct/Public Enemy No. 1 (2008) – Two part film
15. A Prophet (2009)

Germany – Best Foreign Language Movies

16. Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1972)

17. Downfall (2004)
18. Diplomacy (2014)
19. Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)

China – Best Foreign Language Movies

20. Enter the Dragon (1973) – The greatest martial art film of all time. With English sound.

21. The Flying Daggers (2004)
22. Kung Fu Hustle (2004) – Mixes comedy, romance and martial arts in a very unusual way.

Russia – Best Foreign Language Movies

23. Night Watch (2004)
24. Solaris (1972)

Spain – Best Foreign Language Film

25. Open Your Eyes (1997) – This film haunted my thoughts for a very long time after the first time I saw it, because I missed the beginning of the film and it remained a total mystery to me.

Brazil – Best Foreign Language Film

26. City of God (2002)

India – Best Foreign Language Film

27. Devdas (2002)

America – Best Foreign Language Film

28. Apocalypto (2006)

Mexico – Best Foreign Language Film

29. Amores Perros (2000)

Japan – Best Foreign Language Film

30. Battle Royale (2000)

My own personal favourite movie in this list of best foreign language movies is Bruce Lee’s awesome martial art movie classic, Enter the Dragon (1973).