12 Fascinating Ancient Mosaics Inspired by Greek Mythology

Fascinating Ancient Mosaics Inspired By Greek Mythology

1. Odysseus and the Sirens

Jerzystrzelecki (Mod) – Wikimedia Commons

Location: Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia. 2nd century AD.

2. Medusa

Mosaic of Medusa Gorgon

Found in Zea (Piraeus). 2nd century CE.

Location: National Archeological Museum, Athens

3. Pair of centaurs fighting wild cats

Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana in Italian) at Tibur was adorned with the very best of what the Roman empire had to offer in terms of works of art and building materials.

The Villa was built as a retreat from Rome for the Roman Emperor Hadrian. This is a great day trip while staying in Rome because Tivoli is located just 27 km away.

This wondrous image was part of the floor decoration in the dining room in the main palace. (c. 130 Omega)

Carole Raddato – Flickr

It looks like a painting, but it’s actually made up of thousands of small tesserae (1-2 mm).

Location: Altes Museum in Berlin.

4. Theseus and the Minotaur

Discovered in the floor of a Roman villa at the Loigerfelder near Salzburg (Austria) in 1815. 4th century AD.

Theseus Mosaic
Carole Raddato – Flickr

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Austria

5. Neptune

Neptune Poseidon Mosaic
By Asram at French Wikipedia

6. The Judgement of Paris

Marble, lime and glass tesserae.

This beautiful mosaic was found on the dining room floor of Atrium House in the town of Antioch. The town is now known as Antakya and is situated in Turkey.

The Judgement of Paris Mosaic

115 -150 CE.

Location: Louvre, Paris – Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities

7. Triumph of Poseidon and Amphitrite

Location: Louvre, Paris

Triumph of Poseidon and Amphitrite Mosaic

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