The Best Brighton Jetty Sculptures over the Years

Brighton Jetty Sculptures

Brighton Jetty Sculptures is an annual event and also a competition held at Brighton Beach in Adelaide during summer.

A wide variety of sculptures, including a few head-turners, are positioned within easy walking distance to Brighton Jetty, hence the name.

Here I’ll show you some of the best sculptures at Brighton Jetty based on my own perceptions.

I have been attending this annual event for the past few years now.

These have to be some of the best sculptures because I was motivated enough to take a photo of them.

I got kicked into the photography game after taking a picture of a couple of kangaroo sculptures in 2017.

After that photo, I have taken loads of photos during the Brighton Jetty event. Mainly of sculptures and artworks that speak to me in some way.

The arrival of Neptune (Poseidon), God of the sea, made it extra special. If a Greek God shows up, you know you have to take things seriously.

History: Brighton Jetty and Sculpture Competition

Brighton Jetty is forever linked with Greek mythology in another way as well.

It has an Aeolian harp on it, honoring Aeolis, the divine keeper of the winds.

I’ll show you the Aeolian harp sign on Brighton Jetty at the bottom of this post after you’ve seen the sculptures.

Brighton Jetty was first built in 1886. However, it was badly damaged after a severe storm in 1994.

By honoring Aeolis, I’m sure the thinking behind it was a hope that the modern jetty would be better protected and less likely to suffer a similar disastrous fate.

This free-to-attend sculpture event, which is also a competition for artists, has been around for a while, since 2008.

I’m not exactly sure when I first visited as I never bothered to take a photo until 2017, though I’m sure I have also been there before that particular year.

Brighton Beach is a fantastic beach. If you want to know more about the beach, you can read about it in another post revealing the 10 Best Beaches in Adelaide. If you’re a beach person, you should definitely check it out.

Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2023

Here are some of my favorite highlights of the Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures over the years, starting with some of the best sculptures from 2022.

In my opinion, the best time to visit Brighton Beach would have to be when Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures is on.

This annual event occurs in the last week of January and generally can be seen for approximately two weeks. If you’re in Adelaide, you won’t want to miss it.

Heart Sculpture

Love Heart Sculpture Brighton Beach

Saxophone Player Sculpture

Brighton Jetty Sculptures Saxophone Player

Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2022

The best Brighton jetty sculptures in 2022 included a shark and a rainbow sculpture.

Shark Sculpture

Here’s a shark with a side mirror. Watch out!

Shark Sculpture Patritti Adelaide Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2022

Interesting someone can be seen holding a black towel in the background.

Rainbow Sculpture

Reminds me of Iris, Goddess of the rainbow.

Rainbow Sculpture Adelaide Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2022 Event

Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2021

Brighton Jetty Sculptures Display Sign

Kaleidoscope Sculpture

This magical kaleidoscope allowed you to see the stars. In the distance, you can also see a watermelon.

Kaleidoscope Sculpture at Brighton Beach

Dog catching a frisbee sculpture

Dog catching frisbee sculpture at Brighton Jetty Sculptures

Fish with light sculpture

Anglerfish are weird deep-sea fish with a dangling lure that hangs over it and lights up.

Fish with light at Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures

Only the Greek Gods could dream up a monstrous creature like this.


This artwork was probably the most interesting sculpture in 2021. Superheroes can be seen on the left side, such as Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, and Thor.

The sculpture you see here is only part of the display. What it all means is anyone’s guess.

Patritti Brighton Jetty Sculptures Superheroes and Junk

Balance can be achieved. It just requires effort.

These are the words written on the wooden beam which balances the world on the right side, with a white feather on the left. It makes you think.

Sculpture Balance can be Achieved

Outdoor Sculpture Winner 2021

Moving Forward by Will Hendriks won the outdoor sculpture competition.

Brighton Jetty Sculptures Outdoor Winner 2021 Moving Forward Sculpture

Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2020

Giraffe Sculpture

Giraffe Brighton Jetty Sculpture

Wierd Sculpture

Wierd Sculpture at Brighton Jetty

Ballerina Sculpture

I found this ballerina sculpture so elegant.

Ballerina Sculpture at Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures Event

Doing a Hand Stand Sculpture

Hand Stand Man Sculpture

Hand in the Sand Sculpture

The sculpture of a hand in the sand won the outdoor sculpture competition in 2020.

At Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures, there’s also an indoor display, where you can see smaller sculptures.

Hand in the Sand Winner Outdoor Sculpture 2020

Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures 2019

Neptune Statue

The God of the sea had to make it to Brighton at some point in time.

Neptune Statue at Brighton Beach Sculptures Annual Show

Pelican Sculpture

This sculpture reminds me of the classic Australian movie Storm Boy.

Pelican bird Sculpture

Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2018

Three Seahorses

This is one of my all-time favorite sculptures at Brighton Beach.

Three Seahorses Art Piece Brighton Beach

Flying a Kite

Boy flying a kite Sculpture next to Brighton Jetty

A collection of colorful sculptures

I love this view.

Sculptures at Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures

Peace Sign

Peace is good.

Peace Sign at Brighton Beach Sculptures

Infinity Sign

A simple sculpture overlooking Brighton Beach. I really like this one for its simplicity.

Infinity Sign Sculpture in front of Brighton Beach

Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2017

Kangaroo Sculptures

This was my very first photo at the Brighton Beach event. You can probably even thank these two kangaroos for the post.

Kangaroo Sculptures at Brighton Jetty Sculptures

Aeolian Harp sign – The Elements at Play

Here it is, the Aeolian harp sign on Brighton Jetty.

When the Aeolian harp was first installed, it created a very loud humming noise on windy days, but you can hardly hear it these days. Someone obviously tweaked it.

Even so, you will want to listen carefully as you stroll along the jetty.

It finishes with: Through Aeolian the spirits of the wind speak.

Brighton Jetty Aeolian Harp-Sign The Elements at Play

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The Best Brighton Jetty Sculptures over the Years