Apollo Powers and Symbols: God of Light

Apollo Powers and Symbols

Greek God Apollo powers include being a master of archery, divination, and poetry. Apollo symbols include the swan, laurel wreath, and lyre. 

When you think about it, Apollo’s powers are truly incredible!

Apollo powers may even be greater than any other Olympian God when you think about them.

Apollo is the God of light, music, archery, art, poetry, prophecy, plague, medicine (healing), and so on.

So, you’d be crazy to underestimate the powers of Apollo knowing this.

Consider this, Apollo influenced the outcome of the ten-year-long Trojan War.

It was Apollo who divinely guided an arrow to hit Achilles, the Greek’s greatest warrior. What’s more, the arrow hit Achilles in his one and only weak spot, his heel.

The arrow not only struck Achilles in the heel, but it killed Achilles, exactly the outcome that Apollo desired.

You never want to mess with a God possessing that kind of power.

Apollo is still around even today.

For instance, you can visit Apollo stadiums and Apollo theatres all over the world.

One of the most interesting facts about Apollo is that the Romans never bothered to change the name of Apollo.

Romans changed the name of Zeus to Jupiter, and they changed all of the other names of the Greek Gods to suit themselves, but Apollo’s name has still stuck.

Apollo Powers

Here you’ll find a photographic journey with Apollo in mind when using two Polaroid SX-70 cameras while I observe Apollo’s powers along the way.

Anyone who has seen my very first picture using a foldable Polaroid SX-70 land camera knows that for my very first photo I took a picture of Apollo.

However, it turned out badly since it came out extremely blurry. The reason is that I failed to focus the camera properly, a beginner’s mistake.

You can see the out-of-focus picture of Apollo in this post.

My camera was also busted, which I only figured out after trying a second packet of film and still getting nowhere.

But good news! I found a guy who repairs and services SX-70 cameras. And he fixed my camera for me. 🙂

Apollo: God of Light and Music

Here’s the first picture I took with my newly refurbished camera.

It’s a picture of Apollo after taking the Greek God out to a fabulous beach on Australia Day in January 2022.

Apollo Greek and Roman God

The very first picture taken with my newly fixed camera isn’t too bad.

It turned out way lighter than I would have liked, but Apollo is the God of light, so it seems fitting.

Apollo and Anafi

The powers of Apollo are so incredible that the Greek God even possesses the ability to raise an island from out of nowhere.

In Greek mythology, Apollo made the island of Anafi appear in the Aegean Sea to assist the Argonauts. The reason for doing it was so they could shelter from a severe storm when returning with the Golden Fleece.

I’m sure you will agree if you can make an island appear out of nowhere – That’s POWER!

Here I am positioned close to where I took a picture of Apollo.

Apollo Beach

I’m holding open a book about Anafi, written by George from Letters to Barbara.

Apollo and Anafi go together, so it’s a great reminder of the power of Apollo.

You can buy the book from George’s online store if you’re interested.

It’s called: Two journeys to Anafi. Here’s a link to the limited edition.

George has a limited edition and a standard edition. I was lucky to score myself a limited edition copy: Number 4 of 12.

It makes me feel kind of special because twelve is a magical number since there are 12 Olympians.

Sunflower Myth

The myth of the sunflower is associated with Helios and Apollo. Both are Gods of the sun in Greek mythology.

It’s hard to say who this particular myth is genuinely associated with, so for amusement’s sake, let’s say it’s about Apollo.

According to Greek mythology, a water nymph named Clytie fell in love with Apollo, God of the sun.

Apollo loved her too, but he also possessed strong feelings for another nymph.

Clytie told the other nymph’s father about the affair and when he found out about it, he flew into a crazy rage.

Sadly, the daughter ended up being buried alive in the sand by her father.

When Apollo found out about it, he became so furious that he decided to turn Clytie into a sunflower, to make things just a little bit better.


The nymph still loved Apollo and watched him move across the sky every day just as many sunflowers move with the sun.

When searching for a sunflower, I could see a bee flying around one of them.

I wondered whether I’d see it appear in the Polaroid picture. The answer is yes, you can.

Apollo Symbol – Swan

The swan is sacred to Apollo and one of his symbols. I had to hire a paddle boat for half an hour to take this picture, which cost me $20 — the things I do for Apollo.

Apollo Swan Symbol

After I finished paddling around on the river, I sat down on a bench close to the river to look at the photo after it had developed.

Soon after I saw a girl who looked after the paddle boats approaching. She came over to me and then handed me my remote control car key.

It must have slipped out of one of the pockets of my shorts at some stage.

I showed her the picture of the swan afterward. Her reply was, “it’s beautiful.”

Swans are associated with beauty, love, loyalty, grace, music, poetry, and trust since they pair for life. The swan is a symbol of Apollo, and it’s no wonder.

Then again, Apollo has had many lovers. But forget about that because it doesn’t seem to matter. So let’s just go with the flow and believe that swans are symbolic of Apollo.

Pair of Swans

I took this photo of two swans swimming on the river a little while after taking the Polaroid picture. One of these two swans is the same swan in the above Polaroid picture.

This photo opportunity arose after I started following the first swan around the river in my rented paddleboat.

These were the only two swans swimming around on the river, so I assume they are partners.

Apollo’s Swan Chariot

Around Christmas time, I had this incredible revelation.

Reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh must be a symbolic representation of Apollo’s swan chariot.

Zeus gave Apollo a golden chariot pulled by swans as a gift.

Santa’s Slay is a reversal of Apollo’s swan chariot. It is as clear as black and white.

Instead of being a gift, Santa’s sleigh carries gifts.

After seeing some houses in the paper showing homes with impressive Christmas lighting displays, I decided to check one of them out after doing some online digging.

One homeowner had a Greek surname, so I decided to go there.

Before taking this photo, I heard a loud shout through the window, Eh Malaka!!!

I was the only person standing outside, so I assumed the insult was aimed directly at me.

Apollo Swan Chariot Symbolism

But, Jesus Christ, I never expected to hear that word.

The lighting display wasn’t on when I took the picture because I wanted to take the picture when there was enough natural light around.

I decided to go for a bit of drive and come back later when it was slightly darker to see the Christmas lighting display when the lights were on.

When I came back, I stood outside for a little while. Then a young boy came around to the front yard, with his dad behind him. I prepared myself to receive another insult.

Then the kid says, “look Dad he’s taking photos.”

I took one more photo from a different angle, but I only show that picture in the summary at the bottom. The father is right behind the reindeer (number 6 pic).

Apollo, the God of music

After taking my photo of Apollo on Australia day in the afternoon, I decided it would be great to go and see a light show that night.

Australia Day celebrations included speeches, music, dancing, and a fantastic light show in the city.

I liked the young lady who talked about the Taliban.

“They are worse than animals.”

Apollo is the God of light and music, so I thought the event would be a good chance for me to get a couple of interesting photos.

Soon after arriving, I knew the pictures I wanted to take with my SX-70 camera.

So I asked, and in both cases, they obliged.

These two musicians were standing next to a tent. I wanted to take a picture of both of them together. The guy is wearing a t-shirt with an Indigenous Australia flag on it.

It uses a symbol of the sun. Apollo is the God of the sun. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Both the guy and the Asian lady are holding musical instruments that bring to mind Apollo’s lyre. The lyre is a symbol of Apollo.

Two Musicians friends of Apollo God of Music

The picture turned out pretty good. However, it looks much better when looking at the Polaroid pic in real life.

The Muses of Dance

I also took notice of these two girls at the event. The two girls were dancers who performed a unique dance on the main stage.

Unfortunately, the pic came out a bit blurry, so it looks better as a smaller version.

Two MusesI gave one of the girls a pic to keep as well, so hopefully, the one I gave to Janelle turned out a bit better. (Update: their pic didn’t turn out very good either)

After taking the second photo, one of the girls (Janelle) told me both of their names and said I could use them if I wanted.

As you already know, Janelle is one of them, and the other girl’s name is Adrianne.

I think they go by the name: The Fire Girls.

The pic is blurry, just as fire is blurry. So it doesn’t make me feel as bad when I think about it like that.

You can check out better pics of Janelle the dancer on Instagram if you want.

A light show dedicated to Apollo

I’m going to dedicate the light show I saw to Apollo. After all, Apollo is the God of light.

I was highly impressed with the light show. It was like watching a giant hologram on a fine spray of water that spurted high up into the air.

A few interesting stories were told, and I have to say that I learned a thing or two.

When first Australians depart earth, they go to the Milky Way. There was even mention of a campfire where they all meet, so it sounds like a fantastic place.

Light Show dedicated to Apollo

Some of the images displayed even looked as if a giant laurel wreath surrounded them.

Taking a picture of a white swan on the river didn’t seem at all possible until that night.

Apollo powers are unbelievable! The God of light made the impossible happen.

Here’s a white swan on the river, where you only get to see black swans in real life.

White Swan Apollo Symbol

Light show video

Take a look at this short video. It will give you an excellent appreciation of the incredible light show that blew my mind.

But, of course, it’s only a very tiny taste of the fantastic light show.


They even had a few giant native animals lit up on display. Below is a giant echidna.

Echidna Monster

In Delphi, Apollo slew the Python, a monstrous dragon-serpent.

You wouldn’t want to come across that monster, but this giant-size creature seems friendly.

Tip: Read my post about the best things to do in Delphi. It’s where you’ll find the Temple of Apollo and a few more secrets about Delphi.

Apollo, God of light

For the last polaroid pic in this series, I decided to go back to the same beach where I had taken the photo of Apollo, the first picture in this series.

So the very next evening, I went back to take a sunset photo, to go full circle.

Interestingly, in my opinion, that cloud you see on the right resembles Apollo’s lyre.

It makes me wonder whether it could have been a sign from Apollo.

Sunset View Symbol of Apollo

So that’s the end to my Polaroid picture post dedicated to Apollo, the God of light and music.

I definitely should have turned the dial less toward the dark side when taking the above picture, but it doesn’t matter. At least my camera worked.

Apollo Powers and Symbols

Apollo made me fix my SX-70 land camera, so I have to thank him for doing that.

The first two pictures gave me all sorts of issues. Problems like film not coming out of the camera and film getting stuck between the rollers.

That’s when I decided to stop using the SX-70 land camera (the manual focus camera) until after it was repaired.

Until then, I decided to transfer the film cartridge over to my SX-70 sonar model camera.

When I got the camera fixed, I opened up a new film packet. The one with the dark slide saying, “Wherever you aim, no two pictures are the same.”

It reminds me of Apollo since he has excellent aim, which is undisputed because he’s the God of archery.

Here is what happened when taking these pics.

First, I took two pictures with my tan-colored SX-70 (shown as 1 and 2 in the bottom row).

Then I used my sonar camera to take a few pics, followed by my newly refurbished camera.

Apollo inspired pictures

So which one is my favorite camera?

Well, the sonar model makes everything super easy to use, so I’m not sure yet.

Only time will tell.

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Apollo Powers God of Light and Music