20 Best Greek Mythology Commercials with Gods

Greek Mythology Commercials

Greek mythology commercials advertise everything from cars and trucks to perfumes and chocolates.

No wonder because using Greek mythology in commercials is a fantastic way to attract attention!

Greek Gods and Goddesses often appear in these TV commercials.

But don’t expect to see an Olympian God in every commercial using Greek mythology themes.

That’s mainly due to the makers of Greek mythology commercials often preferring to star a monster from Greek mythology.

For instance, snake-haired Medusa commercials have been very popular with advertisers and viewers.

I end up showing three different Medusa commercials in this list of Greek mythology commercials.

The one-eyed cyclops appears in a TV commercial, including the multi-headed Hydra from Greek mythology.

So prepare yourself for an onslaught of Greek God and Greek mythology commercials in this list of the 20 best Greek mythology Commercials with Greek Gods.

1. Zeus and Hera Commercial – Electric BMW iX

Zeus (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Hera (Salma Hayek) tell the other Gods of Olympus of their plan to retire on earth.

Soon after that, we see them settled in their new home in Palm Springs, California.

People typically keep dogs and cats as pets.

However, Zeus and Hera do things differently as they have Peggie, a white dwarf horse with wings as their cute pet. It looks like a smaller version of Pegasus.

Zeus plays golf but still finds his services in demand as the perfect free electrical charger.

One day when Hera brings home a new all-electric BMW, it revitalizes Zeus.

The amazing Zeus and Hera commercial, a 60-second advertisement for BMW, debuted during the Super Bowl on February 13, 2022.

2. Poseidon (Neptune) Commercial – British Telecom

In this commercial, Poseidon (Neptune), God of the sea, receives a phone call just before he’s about to destroy a sailing ship by the way of stormy seas.

Then he receives a phone call from his son wishing him a happy birthday.

So naturally, it causes Poseidon’s mood to change for the better, which makes the sea God extremely pleased.

Now that Poseidon is content, he saves the ship and sends it off with favorable winds.

3. Food of the Gods Commercial – Ferrero Rocher

The Greek Gods of Olympus enjoy eating chocolate. Then one day, it slipped from the heavens, enabling humankind to gain the Ferrero Rocher secret.

The Rochers (‘nuggets’ in French) first became available in Italy in 1979 and the rest of Europe in 1982.

Interesting fact: The Ferrero family also produced Nutella, which made Ferrero billions.

4. Pom Wonderful Aphrodite Commerical

Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and desire, introduced the pomegranate to the island of Cyprus.

So it looks as if Pom Wonderful may also be a gift from Aphrodite.

5. Medusa in Olympus Commercial – Thermasilk

Creating a Medusa commercial about hair shampoo seems a bit weird, but it makes perfect sense with this incredible commercial.

6. Greek Gods Commercial – Budweiser Beer

Associating beer with the Greek Gods can be an excellent idea.

Helios Brewing beers is one brand that uses Greek mythology themes to sell its range of beers. Check them out after you watch this commercial about Budweiser beer.

7. Paco Rabanne Olympea – Perfume Commercial

How come I have never seen this commercial before creating this list of greek mythology commercials? It is too good to miss.

The futuristic Olympus looks impressive. I have to say that this Greek mythology-based commercial is outstanding.

8. Cupid Commercial – H&R Block

Cupid and tax, the associations, don’t seem to go together. That is until you watch this seriously messed up commercial with Cupid, the God of love.

9. Car Commercial using Greek Mythology – Kia Optima

Shown in 2012. You will see Poseidon (Neptune) in the commercial at one point.

10. Greek Mythology Commercial – Ford Ranger

A one-eyed cyclops throws boulders at a Ford Ranger vehicle. One boulder lands in the tray at the back, but it doesn’t destroy the 4×4.

Centaurs then chase the driver, but he rounds them up.

Finally, Poseidon tries to stop the Ford Ranger, but the vehicle is legendary tough.

11. Versace Eros – Fragrance Commercial

Eros chooses to shoot one of his famous love arrows at a bottle of Versace fragrance.

12. Adidas Nike Commercial

Is this an advertisement for Nike, or is it for the benefit of Adidas?

Who is the Goddess of Victory genuinely representing?

13. Medusa Commercial – Amazon Prime

Medusa orders some sunglasses through Amazon Prime and as a result starts making some friends.

The commercial you see below is the second Medusa commercial in this list of 20 best greek mythology commercials.

14. Medusa Commercial – AGF

Here is another top Medusa commercial to watch.

15. Midas King for a Day Commercial

If you didn’t know this already, Midas is one of the leading brands based on Greek mythology.

The company Midas uses the myth of King Midas, whose touch turned everything to gold, as their inspiration.

16. Zeus Hermes Commercial – Red Bull 

Zeus summons Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, for stealing the drink of the Gods.

As a result, Zeus wants to take away his winged sandals as punishment, though Hermes no longer cares about his winged sandals since Red Bull gives you wings.

17. Hercules versus the Hydra Commercial – Red Bull

Hercules outwits the Hydra with only one drink, Red Bull.

18. Gilette – Venus

This commercial uses the famous song about Venus, one of the best songs related to Greek mythology.

19. Old Spice Centaur Commercial

A centaur straight out of Greek mythology sells Old Spice in this commercial.

20. Gods of the World eating Lamb

Zeus gets together with other Gods to eat some lamb.

The Best Commercial using Greek Mythology

Out of these commercials, my favorite commercial using a Greek mythology theme has to be the Zeus and Hera commercial.

Arnold Swarzannegger once starred in the movie Hercules in New York (1969), which is hard to watch these days, but this commercial makes up for everything.

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Greek Mythology Commercials with Greek Gods