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I’m John or Johnny, the creator of Greek Gods Paradise.

Welcome to Greek Gods Paradise About John


After being gobsmacked by the huge number of fantastic travel bloggers and inspirational writers out there in the cyber world, I’ve decided to create my own piece of paradise on the Internet, with a slight twist. This will be revealed as time progresses …

Sometimes my writing and grammar will truly suck, but hopefully you’ll also find snippets of pure genius in Greek Gods Paradise every so often. I’m trying anyway.

My respect for travel bloggers and vloggers has gone through the roof after this endeavour. I feel like a two-year old in the presence of Travel Gods.

I’m hoping Hermes (Mercury), the Greek and Roman God of travel, will guide me to some level of greatness down the track. The Greek Gods won’t like being dragged through the mud for too long.

A bit about myself

I don’t want to reveal too much about myself at this stage, though I should tell you I went to University and gained a degree in Electrical Engineering straight after high school.

All that mental torture somehow landed me a job at a large gold processing plant in a very remote small town in another state, and from there the work odyssey continued with eight other unfulfilling jobs.

Would I do it all again if the Greek Gods gave me the chance? Hell no! I’m not that crazy.

Greek Gods Paradise Winning Championship

Here’s a little glimpse into my childhood. As a young kid, I loved playing table tennis. I actually won a club championship with two other much older guys, who were my teammates.

I was invited to try out for the state team after that but got absolutely thrashed. This was a pretty nerdy thing to do looking back.

I practised Shaolin Kung Fu for a while in my teenage years, only getting up to green sash (belt) level. I was a mad Bruce Lee and martial arts fan back then, even had my own nunchucks and blowpipe. I used to practise with it on my dartboard.

Loved playing football (soccer) and video games. In my younger days, it was coin-operated video arcade games like Space Invaders, Galaxian and Pac-Man. Then it was Atari followed by Commodore 64 video games.

I also spent a humungous amount of time playing eight-ball and snooker after getting a pool table for the garage.

My biggest pride and joy though was definitely my bike, first off with my blue Malvern Star bike and later my cool red dragster which I built from the frame up. They were the wonder years.

Fishing was another huge hobby of mine, which lasted from my teenage years up to my mid-twenties. In one of my posts you can even see me holding a Queen snapper.

Exploring the World

It took me a while to explore other parts of the world. I was 26 years old and stressed out from my engineering job at the time, when I took three weeks leave to go on my very first overseas trip.

I headed over to the island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean after taking the advice of a dive shop lady’s recommendation. After telling her I wanted to learn how to scuba dive in a fantastic tropical location, she suggested Vanuatu as being a great place to learn.

That’s how I found myself on Hideaway Island in Vanuatu. Ah, the power of a recommendation.

The Greek Gods show me ParadiseWhat am I trying to do with Greek Gods Paradise?

It is important to show the Greek Gods and Goddesses that some of us living in this bizarre world still hold them in the highest esteem.

Why so? Well, you would have to be well versed in the Greek myths to fully understand why.

If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, you have luckily come to the right place. Greek Gods Paradise will inform you.

I may even make one of the twelve Olympians jealous in order to get their attention. Cupid (Eros) fell in love with Psyche when Venus (Aphrodite) couldn’t control her envious feelings.

Maybe some good will come out of it, who knows?

10,000 Members Wanted

The aim is to get at least 10,000 members of Greek Gods Paradise. I’m hoping Hermes (Mercury), the God of travel, will be on our side in this quest all the way.

What can we do with an army of 10,000 members? Hopefully something extraordinary.

Have a bit of a surf around first and take a look at the recommended posts, but keep in mind that this site is still being developed.

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Greek Gods Paradise About Page Apollo Delos
Standing on the summit of Mount Kynthos (Cynthus) on the Greek Island of Delos – Mythological birthplace of Apollo